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07 Jun 02

i was always with you, and i’ll be right behind you

just when i thought morale couldn’t get any lower at work, we all got an email at the end of today that illicited a collective groan (or, more accurately, a collective “oh shit”). the pursuit of a new director has hit a wall apparently, thus forcing us to wait another year before one gets hired. i think a lot of people feel a bit directionless, so this probably won’t help with that feeling. maybe my last posting’s title was pretty accurate.

i’m getting up nice and early tomorrow morning for the world cup match at 7:30 at the grad club…we’re gonna watch the game and have breakfast at halftime. i’m excited!

oh! thanks to aly the mystery of cucumber has been solved! according to imdb, here’s the plot summary:

This series follows the adventures of the charter leaders of Children’s Underground Club of United Mouse and Beaver for Enthusiastic Reporters, Moose and Beaver. Through these two animals’ misadventures with strange visitors to their home and the various places they themselves visit, they help kids learn about science and other subjects.

so i’m vindicated! not that too many people argued with me, but that’s beside the point. and it was from 1972 which surprised me…..the canadian part didn’t though. i mean moose and beaver. how could it not be?

robin showed off why he’d be a great wife tonight. he made a yummy and very spicy curry chicken thingy, and baked a fabulous cake.

2 people have searched the web for john stamos and ended up at my site. which is more disturbing? that they ended up at my site? or that 2 people searched for john stamos?

currently spinning: duotang – slowdown

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