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05 Jun 02

i’m all about blandness

today’s fun:
i spent my morning installing windows XP a couple of times. i had a trialware program installed on a computer yesterday and i formatted it this morning…and when i went to reinstall it it told me “sorry, you’ve already installed this program on this computer once…i can’t let you do that”. i wonder how it knew?

anyway, i was sorta feeling by mid-afternoon like i might as well not have gone into work at all because nothing was working out like i’d planned. tomorrow’s adventure will be to try to track down licenses for software that have managed to be scattered all across campus. i’m absolutely dreading it.

what a great finish to the ireland/germany world cup game today..fantastic! i’ve been lucky so far in that i haven’t unintentionally read the scores before getting to see the games, thankfully. the daily show’s monologue was focused around the world cup today (since the US actually won) and i hope you all watched it because it was great. my favourite part: jon stewart’s reading of the “commentator’s transcript” from after the US scored. “goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-al”.

i finished my last web course today (thank god), and i even finished a lot of the pre-term maintenance i have to do on all of my courses. i guess tonight made up for the lack of productivity i experienced today.

another bland entry. a thousand sorries.

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