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04 Jun 02

work sucks but mom rules

interesting development at work:
my other team members have, over the course of the last two months, gone from enthusiastic, excited and innovative people to defeated workers who are resigned to follow instructions. after putting months of effort into a restructuring plan and having it changed significantly at the last second (called a “minor tweak” by the higher ups), i think anyone would feel defeated. oh well, throughout this my day was ok…i kept busy and kept my head down, and i refused to get annoyed.

at least it’s not my group having issues right now. mitch’s manager (whom she’s worked for for over a year now) twice introduced her by the wrong last name today. can you imagine? she wasn’t too impressed.

i spent my evening reorganizing web courses and creating sections for instructors. it doesn’t sound like a big deal but i worked on it for about 5 hours and got half done…whee.

cindy came to visit me today to show off her almost-recovered pink eyes, and she emailed me a picture of them in all their watery and red glory. i was tempted to post it here but it made me too itchy to look at. poor cindy.

oh, and i can’t believe i’ve repeatedly forgotten to post this: my mom got her job! she was so excited on friday and i’m proud of her. yay mom!

currently spinning: bluetones – sleazy bed track

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