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02 Jun 02

my excitement isn’t exciting

i’m ba-ack! yes, i was gone. thanks for noticing. i packed a lot of stuff into a couple days, so i’m gonna bore you with as many of the details as i can remember off the top of my head.

thursday night was vestibules night, and they were fantastic. their set included a mix of old and new sketches which thrilled me because they included some of my old favourites (the grunge song, phillipa and denina, caspar haboot, etc.) as well as lotsa new funniness. i think my favourite bit was during one of their recurring “pete and bob” sketches (bob is a moron who ponders about random shit while pete gets annoyed)…bob is showing off his impersonations of famous movie lines, and he gets to star wars: “luke, i am related to you” and “luke i’m going to hurt you”. just like the original. i also loved casey (from mr. dressup fame) inside the actor’s studio. how can you not love casey?

friday was beyond gorgeous, so sarah and her mom and i walked down to the boardwalk and beach and spent a couple hours skipping stones, flying a kite and enjoying the gorgeousness of the day. i can’t believe such a cool place exists so near to downtown toronto (15 minutes from kristina’s house). there was a lot going on at the beach: a few dragon boat teams practising (leading to a near crash), the filming of a commercial involving dozens of little kids running towards the water while being chased by the camera man, swans being swans, and, of course, sarah flying her $5 kite from canadian tire.

we decided to rent movies that night, and kristina’s neighbour dropped us off at a video store about 1/2 hour walk away. someone had the brilliant idea to cut through high park, which ended up turning the walk into a 2+ hour walk. it was a fun hike though (again, you’d never know you were in the middle of toronto) and unfortunately i didn’t have my camera along for this walk. the zoo was unfortunately closed for the night, which was a bit of a disappointment, but that didn’t stop the peacocks from yelling at us repeatedly.

saturday was concert day, and kristina and i arrived at a little after 1:30 (which is when it was supposed to start). they were still doing a sound check so we got a drink at the front of the rivoli (no drinks allowed in the back for the all ages show) and hung out for a while. we eventually got our hands stamped at about 2:15 and sat through the opening band (the explanation). they were a bunch of 15 year old boys trying desparately to sound like north of america with a zillion of their 15 year old friends in the crowd. no offense scott; 15 year olds are fabulous. really. after seeing that 20 minute long set (and hearing that the next band was composed of mainly the same people) kristina and i decided to go for a walk down queen street to get out of the dank for a while.

we made it back in time for the meligrove band (pic) (missing look what you did and paper moon intentionally), and they were awesome…super catchy and fun, even though most of the silly 15 year olds had left (so they were playing to a crowd of at most 40 people). they capped off their set with helter skelter. rock.

the salteens (pic) headlined and played for a whopping 30 minutes, but they managed to play all of my favourites (bubba da, nice day, kelly nichol, crash the market, tomorrow) as well as 3 or 4 new ones. the highlight was during a new song when the guitarist forgot to play his trumpet solo (“i started thinking about this dog i used to have…it was a beagle..and i zoned out. i completely forgot to play it. it was a nice dog.” “good thing you dragged that trumpet all the way here!”) oh, and i’m officially going to marry the girl in the salteens (megan) since i don’t seem to be making much progress with the girl from the dears.

after the show we were street car’ing back to kristina’s (while annoying the hell out of everyone around us by singing nice day over and over and over) and we drove by a lingerie store called ms. behavin’ (or something like that). in the window were two live models swinging on swings while dressed in lingerie. a sight to see, to be sure. oh, and we stopped at mcdonalds so kristina could get a bib to match the burger king crown i got her a couple weeks ago.

we watched a movie called but i’m a cheerleader last night about a lesbian cheerleader who is sent away to a “program” by her parents to become straight again. oh lion’s gate, you always have the best movies.

i drove sarah to work at ontario place at 8:30 this morning, and then drove back to kingston. unfortunately, the DVP and gardiner were both closed for a bike race of some kind, so i had to drive straight through the city. anyway, i’m home and it’s still early, so i may have a bit of a nap before doing all of the work i avoided by leaving town. whee!

oh, and a message for scott: nickelback is terrible and they like genitals.

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