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30 Jun 02

i’m back, and i have nothing interesting to say

oh hey look, i’m back.

i’ve returned from a fairly uneventful trip to toronto, and i don’t really have too many stories to tell. the only noteworthy thing that happened to me since yesterday was that i visited the science centre yesterday afternoon (yes i’m a geek) and did all sorts of sciency things.

i also got a chance to visit the town dump, a fantastic store filled with candy, lunchboxes and board games adorned with characters from three’s company, charlie’s angels and the like. i picked up some great super friends cardboard cutouts, and i haven’t decided whether they should go on my wall at home or my office.

i missed out on the pride parade today because i drove back to kingston mid-afternoon. when i got here i spent an hour working on web course type things, and then promptly had a long stupid nap for no reason. so now i’m here and i don’t know exactly what to do with myself. alas. i also missed out on lotsa fun here over the weekend from the sound of it (a world cup brunch, a visit to margaritaville, etc.) so perhaps my timing’s off at the moment. oh well.

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28 Jun 02

funny is funny

ah. hecticness makes me sleepy. i’m looking forward to being able to settle back into a routine of some sort at work, just so i can feel on top of things again. running from place to place with tight deadlines (on things that aren’t really technically even my job) makes things interesting. i’m enjoying work right now though, which is a good sign.

i posted some pictures from last night’s softball game last night as well. there are some fun pictures in there, including a lovely collision between two of my teammates. i was lucky to capture that moment.

last night when we were walking to the clear the beer, it was pouring rain. robin loaned us some umbrellas, but when we got there we didn’t really want to bring them inside with us. using his resourcefulness, robin decided that we should hide them outside in the bike racks until we were ready to leave and lo and behold, they were still there when we left. that amused me greatly. probably more so than it should have.

aly just reminded me of something i put on the web several months ago, and everyone should go look at it now. it’s a poster i found on a wall in mac corry basement three or four summers ago (and subsequently stole), and finally got around to scanning it last year. it’s worth a look. funny is funny.

anyway, i’m disappearing to toronto tonight after all. i’ll be back sometime on sunday (unfortunately it looks like i’ll be back after the world cup final…alas), and then i’m off to ottawa again on monday or something for canada day festivities. should be fantastic. hopefully everyone’s weekend is grand.

28 Jun 02

yes, i’m alive

i know, i didn’t post anything last night…first time in months i didn’t write a little something when i was home. i guess that’s indicative of how busy i’ve been.

last night i took the night off from my contract work and went to a clear the beer at alfie’s. it wasn’t bad, but should heineken taste like cheese? one of our pitchers did. mmm, cheese.

we also played a softball game and got beat pretty bad (23-8). getting beat isn’t so bad really, but when my team starts to argue stupid calls i get frustrated. a couple people on my team made me not want to be our manager anymore…i mean, it’s rec league softball, and we’re all adults. i shouldn’t have to apologize to the other team for our behaviour after games.

i’ll post more later today, i just wanted everyone to know that i’m still alive.

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26 Jun 02

whining followed by whining

today was pretty insane. i felt like i was drowning most of the day (a feeling that began last night when i got home from the graduation). so much is going on at work (new people starting, moving offices, lots of broken computers to fix, a computer camp in one of my labs, web courses beginning, etc.) it was overwhelming.

i spent my evening putting the finishing touches on my web courses (giving students access, etc.) and missed a potluck as a result. the sacrifices i make…

oh, and i just got an email telling me that one course’s student list has a lot of incorrect names on it. i.e. it looks like i’ll have to go through every course again tomorrow. fantastic. i had another 4 hours i didn’t want to do something fun with.

i have a new officemate now. i’ve never shared an office with anyone but steve before (in 5 years i was either by myself or with him). that should be interesting.

the teachers staying at the dorms behind my house are being exceptionally loud tonight. i was just thinking earlier that i didn’t really need sleep tonight anyway. oh wait.

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26 Jun 02

chumptastic: the new job bank

since robin is no longer searching for a job, i thought i’d share the two best prospects i know of with the world.

first, this ad from worksearch. i think the implication here is obvious.

the second prospect has been plastered around queen’s campus in the form of this high quality ad. it’s fun apparently. and easy. what more do you need?

good luck to all.

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26 Jun 02

ah, grade 8. i don’t remember you a bit.

wow, what a long day. i have a lot i could write, but since it’s after midnight and this is the first time i’ve been home since 7:30am, i don’t have the energy to write much.

i went to the grad club to watch stupid germany beat stupid korea at stupid 7:30am. i had a lovely breakfast which took forever to serve and i had to eat it on my lap…but it tasted good.

work was very hectic today. i squeezed a lot into a little amount of time, but thankfully our new staff is starting tomorrow. i visited some interesting departments on campus today to attempt to fix some software problems. that was a highlight.

anyway, after work i drove to peterborough for my brother tim’s grade 8 graduation. unfortunately, it was approximately a million degrees outside which made it a squillion degrees in the gym. fantastic. as an added bonus, i also spilled mustard on my shorts on my way to the grad and i didn’t notice until it was too late to change. classy. can’t take me anywhere.

the grad itself was as expected. they got an android posing as a human to be the M-C again (she read the entire thing off of cards and made it sound like a grade 6 speech). we all progressively melted. i made fun of the boys wearing those weird shirts that are popular right now (you know, the ones that look painted, usually adorned with dragons or flames or super heros…ick). i observed that grade 8 graduation appears to be the first time many girls pick out a dress by themselves – with horrifying results. i noticed that millbrook is 99.99999% white, and this was exemplified by the fact that there was one black man in the entire crowd. no asians. interesting, that.

finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…here’s proof that tim has graduated to highschool:

and now, i must go pass out.

24 Jun 02

get your foot long hot dog’s here

so, i found out tonight that everyone in the world has heard the expression ,jazz hands except me. i’m such a loser. i bet you’ve heard it. you can admit it if you have, just to make me feel worse.

anyway, we beat up on another poor team in softball tonight (32-15 or something i think). the game was fun but SO hot, so we swung by the grad club after for a free pitcher and some nachos. fantastic.

oh, and want to see something weird? mitch took a picture of robin and me after we hit the ball. here are the results:

notice any similarities?

after the ballgame and pub i was walking out of shoppers drug mart behind the slowest walker in the world. i’d never had this happen before: the automatic door actually closed on me because the guy i was following was THAT slow. then, when i was in the parking lot, i had to take a picture of this sign. i can’t help thinking: if you were spending a few hundred dollars on a sign thousands of people would see, would you not ask a spelling/grammar nazi like myself to proof read it? i guess not.

and now that i’m home i feel like crap. it must just be allergies but i haven’t been able to breathe for a couple hours and i feel like i have a fever. fabulous.

oh, and tomorrow’s my brother tim’s graduation! i’m gonna be heading to peterborough right after work to celebrate his graduatedness. yay tim.

24 Jun 02

that’s more like it

oh well. it was bound to happen.

just as i posted that last entry i was told one of my computer labs flooded, thanks to a faulty air pump hose. fantastic.

that’s far more monday morningish.

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24 Jun 02

mocking is good for the soul

usually on monday mornings i’ll come into work and post a bitter, jaded message about why my week has started off sucky.

but not today!

on my way in to work this morning i watched this guy with this expression of complete concentration on his face execute a perfect parallel park on alfred street – completely blocking a driveway. he recognized his error after his park job was complete and pulled away hurriedly to minimize embarassment, but really: is there any better way to start off a week than by mocking someone else’s folly?

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23 Jun 02

sundays shouldn’t be spent on the computer

i wish something would happen soon so i could write about it. my sunday postings of late have been novels detailing my pseudo-exciting weekends, but alas…there will be none of that tonight. i will spare you, kind reader, this time.

my day today was basically a flurry of last minute online course modifications. several of the instructors used today as their first opportunity to look at their courses, so they found a huge amount of links that had gone dead since last summer. nothing like spending a super humid day inside on the computer. on the bright side, my apartment had a wonderful breeze off the lake today so i think i was better off inside (isn’t that a hayden song?).

anyway, i apologize for the completely uninteresting posts of late, but hopefully that will change soon. i’d write more drivel now but my wrists are kinda sore as it is.

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