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25 May 02

a distinct lack of communication once again bites me in the ass

i just got back from an absolutely horrible workshop for the faculty of education at queen’s. i was supposed to be teaching new online course instructors how to log onto webct, how to post messages for students, etc. unfortunately:

  • i was put into a room with 16 laptops for 27 people
  • 2 of those computers didn’t work
  • there was no computer for me to instruct from
  • there was no projector for me to use for a demonstration (someone ran in with one after i began to help me out)
  • of the 27 people, i was only given the names of 12 of them ahead of time so the remaining 15 didn’t have an account created. oops.

anyway, i was EXTREMELY frustrated at the lack of organization and it made me look incredibly bad. thankfully, they were all teachers so they understood i think, but that just wasn’t right.

on another note, i was looking forward to meeting a woman i’ve talked to a bunch of times on the phone because she sounds really hot. i was, as expected, a bit disappointed. alas.

finally, and most importantly, someone searched for i am a googlebot index bathtub and ended up at my page. of course they did, and why shouldn’t they? the search for view celebrity boxing manute is far less interesting.

25 May 02

lucidity is for chumps

part a: the good news
i went shopping earlier in the evening and bought some lovely new navy blue airwalks and a new baseball glove (as yet un-worked in). to celebrate these purchases, i splurged on swiss chalet, complete with addictive dipping sauce (take that robin).

part b: the bad news
the rest of my evening has consisted of me working on web courses, so much so that it’s made my brain mushy. i unfortunately havent had a chance to work on NEW courses tonight though…i had to create accounts for the people taking the workshop i’m teaching tomorrow, and i was reminded today that i was supposed to add a file to every web course that already exists. that doesnt sound like a big job, but when there are more than 60 courses so far it tends to take a while (2.5 hours to be exact). anyway, i’m going insane, and this post is little more than gibberish. i should go to bed soon too so i’ll be lucidish while teaching tomorrow.

24 May 02

my not-so-silent sigh

being told that someone’s pissed at me used to really upset me. i guess i used to want everyone to like me or something. times have apparently changed: i was just told that someone at work is pissed at me, and i feel more annoyed than anything. why are they pissed at me? because i questioned a decision someone made because it affected me directly, and i was right. i did it politely, mind you, and privately, which is a step up from how i would have handled the situation a year or so ago.

so that’s why i’m annoyed. are we adults? i dunno.

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(how appropriate)

24 May 02

sorry for my fuzziness

i was lying in bed tonight and i noticed that i have an enormous bump on the top of my head. it took me a while to figure out how it got there (perhaps because of amnesia resulting from the same action causing the bump?) and then i remembered smashing my head into robin’s stupid side door which was obviously designed for people under 6’1. i swear, if i was concussed i would’ve sued his ass.

work’s getting a bit ridiculous, staffing-wise…yet another woman announced she found a new job today. at what point does management realize that there’s something very wrong here?

i’m typing my first blog entry in a couple days on my laptop. i was convinced that i’d broken my network card again (like happened last summer) just by using it lots and dragging my laptop around. i can’t believe how reliant i’ve become on my laptop. i was trying to get some webpage work done last night on my desktop PC and i just couldn’t get comfortable, and i ended up with a stiff neck by the end of the night. i brought my network card into work today to see if it was still working, and it ended up working fine in steve’s laptop, which made me think there was something more serious wrong with my laptop. i brought steve’s laptop home tonight to give it a shot and it didnt work either, so i eventually narrowed down the problem to my hub – some of the activity lights are flashing on it even when nothing is plugged into the corresponding ports. aha. my blog wouldnt be my blog without the requisite geek talk.

i think i’m gonna start a shoutcast (or equivalent) server one of these days soon. i keep thinking that i need to start forcing my music upon more people, so that’s a good way to do it. if i ever get off my ass, that is.

the leafs lost again tonight. if they lose one more time they’re done for the year. i watched the game at the grad club again and it was an okish time. i think the strongbow made my brain fuzzy because this entry is utter nonsense. desole.

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23 May 02

chumptastic != useful

i’m back in google again. did my pledge drive work?

someone searched for kingston men’s prison picture today, and for once my blog may have actually contained what someone was looking for (that is, if they would be content with a photograph of the roof of the women’s prison). it could happen.

oh yeah…after much effort, i registered a new hotmail account today: feel free to spam the hell out of it.

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23 May 02

yes, i know i should have moved on long ago. thank you.

one comment can ruin one’s entire day.

case in point: “so, rob, when are YOU moving on?”

context: asked to me by one of the several people in the process of leaving their current job.

end result: grr.

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23 May 02

next bout: pager vs. saboc in a grudge match

i bought a t-shirt at urban outfitters about a month ago and since then i’ve worn it 3 or 4 times. for some reason today though, three people noticed it. i have no idea what made it stand out today. aside from the fact that it’s cool as hell and has transformer silhouettes on it, that is.

i watched roger & me avec robin for the 5th or 6th time tonight, and i still liked it a lot. it’s really funny and really sad all at the same time, and if you haven’t seen it you should. robin also fed me tonight, to prevent me from wasting away to nothing. he also rented the big one for us (another michael moore movie) but we haven’t watched it yet because we were sucked into the allure of……………..celebrity boxing!

fox, the network who saw fit to cancel andy richter controls the universe, the tick, and many others in favour of tripe such as temptation island, when buildings collapse, etc. has created this freak show that i couldn’t not watch. i missed the first episode and i probably would’ve skipped this one too had we not flipped by it on tv in time to watch screech beat the shit out of horshack. how could we turn it off after that? the other two matches left a lot to be desired (manute bol’s spindley armed victory and joey buttafuocco’s ugly win over chyna), but still, i watched. i guess that makes me part of the lowest common denominator now. so much for being high and mighty.

my laptop’s network card finally went kaput tonight, so i’m typing on my desktop PC for the first time in ages. i’m so spoiled by being able to lug my laptop everywhere that i’m feeling pretty constricted and uncomfortable tonight. i guess the fact that i DO lug the laptop everywhere is the reason that the netword card is in a less than functional state.

today: work sucked ass, and that’s all i’ll say about that. steve pointed out though that tomorrow (thursday) is humpday for me this week. not bad. my rollerblade to work was gorgeous, and the one home was into a strong wind and was therefore exhausting.

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22 May 02

i could use a soul explosion

my 4 day weekend is now over and i’m dreading tomorrow (worse than normal even). is it bad to already be thinking “3 days until the weekend”?

i didn’t do too much today really. i woke up late (as i mentioned earlier) and watched a bit of tv (wow, much music played by divine right’s soul explosion followed by the other man by sloan…so they DO still play good music!), cleaned my bathroom (whee), and spent hours and hours working on web course contract stuff (enough to turn my brain to mush). i didn’t go to my softball game today ’cause i really didn’t feel like stopping my work, since i hadn’t done any all weekend, but i’m feeling a bit guilty now. damn that conscience again.

the only time i left my apartment today was to go pick up my brand new digital camera. unfortunately because i didn’t want to stop working for too long i only took a couple pictures with it (after spending a while trying to get it to work on my computer without my windows ME disk…i have no idea where i put it). here’s a fabulous sample (click on it for the enormous version of the view from my balcony):

please note the green roofed building to the left of the photo. that is kingston’s prison for women, and just behind it is the men’s prison. fantastic! the building in the centre of the picture is the education building for queen’s, and those legoish buildings are the west campus residences – far less interesting, i know. if it helps, tom cavanagh would have spent his final year at queen’s in that lovely building, while pursuing his education degree. no, i guess it didn’t help.

you know, i find an uncool way to do just about anything. i know a lot of people who have hurt their backs doing cool things. “yeah, i threw my back out while building a cottage last weekend.” “i was hoisting my car over my head to get it out of a snow bank, and i felt a twinge.” etc. i hurt my back today too, but what was i doing? standing up. not just standing up though…standing up after cleaning my bathtub. dammit.

i forget if i mentioned it or not, but i only lasted in google for 2 days this time. i think i’ve figured out why though. apparently google has no “permanent” links to me in its index – just stuff like which update constantly. if, by the luck of the draw, i’ve updated recently when the googlebot visits one of those pages, i’ll be indexed and visited by the googlebot too. if not, i won’t be visited and i’ll be dropped from the index. so basically, it’s up to YOU. this is the beginning (and probably the end) of the fantastic link to chumptastic pledge drive. tell your friends. it will give you good karma.

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21 May 02

it’s noon, it’s tuesday, and i’m lazy

ah, is there anything better than sleeping in late on a tuesday while every other person in the world is at work? probably, but don’t ruin my moment.

the dilemma for today is: how should i spend my next few hours of freedom? i SHOULD be working on some contract work, ’cause the deadline is drawing ever nearer. i also SHOULD be buying some new shoes today to prevent me from falling down while playing softball. and that brings up another dilemma…

our first rec league mixed softball game of the year is this afternoon at 5, and i’m not super keen on playing today. knowing me i’ll probably end up there anyway, but it’s more fun to whine about not wanting to play.

a fun story i forgot to mention about the weekend: on my way to toronto on saturday afternoon, a white car pulled up beside me on the highway. i looked up to see why they had slowed down to my speed and i see this little girl waving frantically at me from the back seat. i look over and there’s my friend scott waving at me too. random meetings of any kind are always fun.

oh, and i did go to see star wars again last night. unfortunately, it didn’t get any better the second time through, although i might have been wrong about natalie portman all this time…i’m beginning to think she IS hot. i was hoping that the second time through

robin told me yesterday that tom cavanagh from ed went to queen’s, which came as news to me. according to his official biography:

Cavanagh spent his childhood in Ghana but traveled all over Europe during the summer. His family returned to their native Canada and Cavanagh started high school in Montreal. He later enrolled in Queens College in Ontario and pursued his growing interest in theater and music. He also became an exceptional athlete, playing varsity hockey and basketball.

he obviously didnt write it himself or he wouldn’t have written “queens college”, but that’s still cool in my books. yay canadians. i don’t really know why i deemed that important enough to post, but what’s done is done and you’ll just have to suck it up.

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20 May 02

another weekend in the life of a geek

wow, i was gone longer than i thought. it’s monday night apparently, although i have no proof of this.

so yeah, toronto was pretty fun. i didn’t really do a whole lot i guess, but i’ll detail some of the funness.

i didn’t get there until late afternoon on saturday (because of my sleeping-in-ness on saturday morning), so all i really did that night was go to see star wars. i’m not gonna give a full review of it (i’m sure there are about a zillion of them on the web), but suffice it to say that it was half good: anything to do with the love story was laughably bad, while the other story line was pretty fun. and man, there’s a scene with yoda showing off his jedi abilities that was awesome. some guy in the audience yelled “whoop his ass!” perfect. and, is it just me, or does a title like “attack of the clones” imply a scene in which clones attack? hmmm.

sunday consisted of visiting the cn tower, along with 10 million other tourists. since sarah works at ontario place she gets in for free; otherwise, there’s no way in hell i would’ve paid the $22.95 to ride an elevator into the sky. i hadn’t been to the cn tower since the skydome was being built (um…i’m guessing 15 or so years ago) and wow, it really sorta sucks. the problem i had with it was the way they herd people in and give everyone “busy work” as a crowd control device. we joined the line to go up the elevator, and it took us to this stupid picture of the cn tower painted on the wall. they forced everyone to have their picture taken in front of it, so they could try to sell it to you later. i understand this technique on rollercoasters and stuff, but come on…it’s a picture in front of a wall. and of course the resulting picture cost $20. pass.

after the photos they herded us all into a movie theatre to watch a stupid cn tower propaganda piece. i just kept thinking: you don’t have to sell it to us, we’re already here. anyway, we made it to the top of the tower after about 45 minutes. of course, the view is fantastic…i kept cursing the fact that my digital camera hadn’t arrived yet, but oh well. the view could only sustain me for so long, so after a stroll on the glass floor we lined up to go back down again (1/2 hour wait). yawn.

we got back in time to watch half the hockey game (although it’s amazing: the hockey game was EVERYWHERE in toronto…almost unescapable), and after watching toronto lose we watched survivor’s finale. double yawn.

we went to see about a boy this afternoon, and aside from having a great soundtrack, i liked it a lot. even hugh grant couldn’t fuck up a nick hornby novel i guess. it was cute. then i headed for home right after. and here i am. whee. what a fantastic story.

robin’s now invited me to see star wars again tonight. i think i’ll probably go again for something to do. we’ll see. and tomorrow’s a day off!

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