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29 May 02


quelle horreur! the leafs were beat out of the playoffs tonight by the whalers. yup. the whalers. what a tragedy. it was an exciting finish with the leafs tying it up again with under 30 seconds left (wow, the bar went crazy…the girl beside me started to shake me), but alas…they couldn’t quite pull it out. now what am i gonna do for entertainment?

as a fun bonus, a fairly obnoxious person sat down beside me to watch the game. that made things more interesting i guess.

today’s atmosphere at work was significantly more negative than yesterday’s. i think it was in part because of the heat (the power went off last night and the air conditioner never kicked back in), but mostly because people really aren’t working together. in fact, people are working AGAINST each other with their own agendas and stuff, and it’s less than fun to watch people on the verge of snapping.

today was the first of a series of “goodbye parties” at work. tomorrow is steve’s lunch (he’s not REALLY leaving i suppose, but he won’t be my officemate anymore), and cindy is having her lunch tomorrow as well. and there are more to come.

my mom thinks her interview went ok, but she won’t hear back from them until the end of the week. i hope she doesn’t stress out too much over it.

we were supposed to play softball again tonight at 7, but when i realized there was a conflict with the hockey game there was no contest. i convinced the other manager to get the game rescheduled so mitch and i could watch the game guilt free.

christ i’m tired. my brain isn’t functional yet again. and eating nachos and beer for dinner really makes me feel blah.

currently spinning: radiohead – pyramid song

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