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29 May 02

100th entry: utter crap

what an accomplishment. this is my 100th entry.

unfortunately, this posting will not live up to the hype. i’m in an atrocious mood, and have been all day. work is shit, basically.

today was steve’s last day and our manager didn’t go to his lunch, or even talk to him today. he had a valid excuse for not coming to the lunch, but the fact that he couldn’t spare a couple minutes to say goodbye and explain why he was too busy really bugged me; it’s indicative of the amount of respect i feel that a lot of us get. i also sat through 2 meetings that really bugged me, so i’ve been incredibly grouchy all evening.

to make things worse i spent most of my evening working on a web course again, but one that’s entirely in french. my god. what a bad night to do that.

weirdest realization of the day: i think today marked the first time i’ve ever talked to robin on the phone. that’s the sign of true geekdom. human contact is vastly overrated.

other news: i’m going to toronto thursday night for a couple days again. i’m gonna catch the vestibules on thursday night (one of my favourite all-time comedy groups) and the salteens on saturday afternoon, both at the rivoli in toronto. i need an escape for a few days, without question. man i hope the vestibules are still funny. their best moments: laurence olivier for diet coke, exclusive interview with mr. dressup, beachcombers anonymous, performance artist barbie, and on and on.

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