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27 May 02

good is good

if someone says to you “hey, that was a great idea you had about _________”, how do you respond? if you’re like me, you’d probably say something like “hey thanks, that’s nice of you to say”, or maybe be self-effacing and say something like “naah, it wasn’t that good”. i said that to someone at work today and their response was “yeah, sometimes great ideas pop into my head, like that one”. how do you respond to something like that? geez.

i’m feeling better about work after today. it seemed like things started to fall into place for some reason. i’m not saying the summer is going to be easy by any means, but some things that have been nagging at me seem to have been resolved.

my mom has a job interview tomorrow – her first one in about 25 years i would guess. i called her to give her some encouragement and she sounded pretty nervous. she asked me a few cute questions about what she should bring and stuff, and i answered them as best i could. i really hope she gets it; she’s sort of being unfairly prejudged because she used to work in the housekeeping department of a hospital, and the elitist morons don’t seem to think that she has the skills she does. she’s spent the last year and a half taking a zillion courses and improving herself like crazy, and i really hope all her effort gets recognized or she’s going to lose what self confidence she has left.

i wasn’t nearly as sore today as i expected, although i feel like i’m stiffening up a bit tonight (mainly because i’m so old). there’s another softball game tomorrow night, so hopefully i’m feeling alright to play by then.

i think i’m now half done my web courses. i can’t wait until they’re finished. gah.

google update: out of the index again. whee. no more googlebot bathtub for me.

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