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26 May 02

i’m old and hurt. have pity on me.

i’ve decided that my sedentary lifestyle will likely end up causing me great pain tomorrow morning when i wake up. i played my first game of softball of the year and we beat the snot out of some poor engineers (i think the score was something like 35-10, but i’m not really sure). anyway, the first game of the year usually results in me being kinda sore because no matter how much rollerblading i do, i dont really prepare myself for sprinting to first base and stopping suddenly.

a quick tally of my wounds:

  • a tweaked back (from sliding when i hit third when i realized i was going to pass the runner in front of me)
  • a lovely bruise on my shin (from a line drive hit back at me when i was pitching)
  • projected sore legs when i wake up in the morning (maybe, maybe not, we’ll see)

i’m old.

as an added bonus, i took a nice big gouge out of my finger while separating frozen hamburgers tonight…it was pretty gross. i guess i could’ve added that to my wound list.

funniest moment of today: robin asking me if one could become dehydrated for sneezing too much. damn allergies.

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