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25 May 02

a distinct lack of communication once again bites me in the ass

i just got back from an absolutely horrible workshop for the faculty of education at queen’s. i was supposed to be teaching new online course instructors how to log onto webct, how to post messages for students, etc. unfortunately:

  • i was put into a room with 16 laptops for 27 people
  • 2 of those computers didn’t work
  • there was no computer for me to instruct from
  • there was no projector for me to use for a demonstration (someone ran in with one after i began to help me out)
  • of the 27 people, i was only given the names of 12 of them ahead of time so the remaining 15 didn’t have an account created. oops.

anyway, i was EXTREMELY frustrated at the lack of organization and it made me look incredibly bad. thankfully, they were all teachers so they understood i think, but that just wasn’t right.

on another note, i was looking forward to meeting a woman i’ve talked to a bunch of times on the phone because she sounds really hot. i was, as expected, a bit disappointed. alas.

finally, and most importantly, someone searched for i am a googlebot index bathtub and ended up at my page. of course they did, and why shouldn’t they? the search for view celebrity boxing manute is far less interesting.

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