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24 May 02

sorry for my fuzziness

i was lying in bed tonight and i noticed that i have an enormous bump on the top of my head. it took me a while to figure out how it got there (perhaps because of amnesia resulting from the same action causing the bump?) and then i remembered smashing my head into robin’s stupid side door which was obviously designed for people under 6’1. i swear, if i was concussed i would’ve sued his ass.

work’s getting a bit ridiculous, staffing-wise…yet another woman announced she found a new job today. at what point does management realize that there’s something very wrong here?

i’m typing my first blog entry in a couple days on my laptop. i was convinced that i’d broken my network card again (like happened last summer) just by using it lots and dragging my laptop around. i can’t believe how reliant i’ve become on my laptop. i was trying to get some webpage work done last night on my desktop PC and i just couldn’t get comfortable, and i ended up with a stiff neck by the end of the night. i brought my network card into work today to see if it was still working, and it ended up working fine in steve’s laptop, which made me think there was something more serious wrong with my laptop. i brought steve’s laptop home tonight to give it a shot and it didnt work either, so i eventually narrowed down the problem to my hub – some of the activity lights are flashing on it even when nothing is plugged into the corresponding ports. aha. my blog wouldnt be my blog without the requisite geek talk.

i think i’m gonna start a shoutcast (or equivalent) server one of these days soon. i keep thinking that i need to start forcing my music upon more people, so that’s a good way to do it. if i ever get off my ass, that is.

the leafs lost again tonight. if they lose one more time they’re done for the year. i watched the game at the grad club again and it was an okish time. i think the strongbow made my brain fuzzy because this entry is utter nonsense. desole.

currently spinning: local rabbits – nightingale

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