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23 May 02

next bout: pager vs. saboc in a grudge match

i bought a t-shirt at urban outfitters about a month ago and since then i’ve worn it 3 or 4 times. for some reason today though, three people noticed it. i have no idea what made it stand out today. aside from the fact that it’s cool as hell and has transformer silhouettes on it, that is.

i watched roger & me avec robin for the 5th or 6th time tonight, and i still liked it a lot. it’s really funny and really sad all at the same time, and if you haven’t seen it you should. robin also fed me tonight, to prevent me from wasting away to nothing. he also rented the big one for us (another michael moore movie) but we haven’t watched it yet because we were sucked into the allure of……………..celebrity boxing!

fox, the network who saw fit to cancel andy richter controls the universe, the tick, and many others in favour of tripe such as temptation island, when buildings collapse, etc. has created this freak show that i couldn’t not watch. i missed the first episode and i probably would’ve skipped this one too had we not flipped by it on tv in time to watch screech beat the shit out of horshack. how could we turn it off after that? the other two matches left a lot to be desired (manute bol’s spindley armed victory and joey buttafuocco’s ugly win over chyna), but still, i watched. i guess that makes me part of the lowest common denominator now. so much for being high and mighty.

my laptop’s network card finally went kaput tonight, so i’m typing on my desktop PC for the first time in ages. i’m so spoiled by being able to lug my laptop everywhere that i’m feeling pretty constricted and uncomfortable tonight. i guess the fact that i DO lug the laptop everywhere is the reason that the netword card is in a less than functional state.

today: work sucked ass, and that’s all i’ll say about that. steve pointed out though that tomorrow (thursday) is humpday for me this week. not bad. my rollerblade to work was gorgeous, and the one home was into a strong wind and was therefore exhausting.

currently spinning: ben lee – song 4 you

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