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22 May 02

i could use a soul explosion

my 4 day weekend is now over and i’m dreading tomorrow (worse than normal even). is it bad to already be thinking “3 days until the weekend”?

i didn’t do too much today really. i woke up late (as i mentioned earlier) and watched a bit of tv (wow, much music played by divine right’s soul explosion followed by the other man by sloan…so they DO still play good music!), cleaned my bathroom (whee), and spent hours and hours working on web course contract stuff (enough to turn my brain to mush). i didn’t go to my softball game today ’cause i really didn’t feel like stopping my work, since i hadn’t done any all weekend, but i’m feeling a bit guilty now. damn that conscience again.

the only time i left my apartment today was to go pick up my brand new digital camera. unfortunately because i didn’t want to stop working for too long i only took a couple pictures with it (after spending a while trying to get it to work on my computer without my windows ME disk…i have no idea where i put it). here’s a fabulous sample (click on it for the enormous version of the view from my balcony):

please note the green roofed building to the left of the photo. that is kingston’s prison for women, and just behind it is the men’s prison. fantastic! the building in the centre of the picture is the education building for queen’s, and those legoish buildings are the west campus residences – far less interesting, i know. if it helps, tom cavanagh would have spent his final year at queen’s in that lovely building, while pursuing his education degree. no, i guess it didn’t help.

you know, i find an uncool way to do just about anything. i know a lot of people who have hurt their backs doing cool things. “yeah, i threw my back out while building a cottage last weekend.” “i was hoisting my car over my head to get it out of a snow bank, and i felt a twinge.” etc. i hurt my back today too, but what was i doing? standing up. not just standing up though…standing up after cleaning my bathtub. dammit.

i forget if i mentioned it or not, but i only lasted in google for 2 days this time. i think i’ve figured out why though. apparently google has no “permanent” links to me in its index – just stuff like which update constantly. if, by the luck of the draw, i’ve updated recently when the googlebot visits one of those pages, i’ll be indexed and visited by the googlebot too. if not, i won’t be visited and i’ll be dropped from the index. so basically, it’s up to YOU. this is the beginning (and probably the end) of the fantastic link to chumptastic pledge drive. tell your friends. it will give you good karma.

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