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21 May 02

it’s noon, it’s tuesday, and i’m lazy

ah, is there anything better than sleeping in late on a tuesday while every other person in the world is at work? probably, but don’t ruin my moment.

the dilemma for today is: how should i spend my next few hours of freedom? i SHOULD be working on some contract work, ’cause the deadline is drawing ever nearer. i also SHOULD be buying some new shoes today to prevent me from falling down while playing softball. and that brings up another dilemma…

our first rec league mixed softball game of the year is this afternoon at 5, and i’m not super keen on playing today. knowing me i’ll probably end up there anyway, but it’s more fun to whine about not wanting to play.

a fun story i forgot to mention about the weekend: on my way to toronto on saturday afternoon, a white car pulled up beside me on the highway. i looked up to see why they had slowed down to my speed and i see this little girl waving frantically at me from the back seat. i look over and there’s my friend scott waving at me too. random meetings of any kind are always fun.

oh, and i did go to see star wars again last night. unfortunately, it didn’t get any better the second time through, although i might have been wrong about natalie portman all this time…i’m beginning to think she IS hot. i was hoping that the second time through

robin told me yesterday that tom cavanagh from ed went to queen’s, which came as news to me. according to his official biography:

Cavanagh spent his childhood in Ghana but traveled all over Europe during the summer. His family returned to their native Canada and Cavanagh started high school in Montreal. He later enrolled in Queens College in Ontario and pursued his growing interest in theater and music. He also became an exceptional athlete, playing varsity hockey and basketball.

he obviously didnt write it himself or he wouldn’t have written “queens college”, but that’s still cool in my books. yay canadians. i don’t really know why i deemed that important enough to post, but what’s done is done and you’ll just have to suck it up.

currently spinning: north of america – bayonet point

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    Simon Says:

    Hey!! Were did you get the bayonet point 7” from? i have been looking for it everywhere!! Would iy be possiblke to download it off you possibly?

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