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20 May 02

another weekend in the life of a geek

wow, i was gone longer than i thought. it’s monday night apparently, although i have no proof of this.

so yeah, toronto was pretty fun. i didn’t really do a whole lot i guess, but i’ll detail some of the funness.

i didn’t get there until late afternoon on saturday (because of my sleeping-in-ness on saturday morning), so all i really did that night was go to see star wars. i’m not gonna give a full review of it (i’m sure there are about a zillion of them on the web), but suffice it to say that it was half good: anything to do with the love story was laughably bad, while the other story line was pretty fun. and man, there’s a scene with yoda showing off his jedi abilities that was awesome. some guy in the audience yelled “whoop his ass!” perfect. and, is it just me, or does a title like “attack of the clones” imply a scene in which clones attack? hmmm.

sunday consisted of visiting the cn tower, along with 10 million other tourists. since sarah works at ontario place she gets in for free; otherwise, there’s no way in hell i would’ve paid the $22.95 to ride an elevator into the sky. i hadn’t been to the cn tower since the skydome was being built (um…i’m guessing 15 or so years ago) and wow, it really sorta sucks. the problem i had with it was the way they herd people in and give everyone “busy work” as a crowd control device. we joined the line to go up the elevator, and it took us to this stupid picture of the cn tower painted on the wall. they forced everyone to have their picture taken in front of it, so they could try to sell it to you later. i understand this technique on rollercoasters and stuff, but come on…it’s a picture in front of a wall. and of course the resulting picture cost $20. pass.

after the photos they herded us all into a movie theatre to watch a stupid cn tower propaganda piece. i just kept thinking: you don’t have to sell it to us, we’re already here. anyway, we made it to the top of the tower after about 45 minutes. of course, the view is fantastic…i kept cursing the fact that my digital camera hadn’t arrived yet, but oh well. the view could only sustain me for so long, so after a stroll on the glass floor we lined up to go back down again (1/2 hour wait). yawn.

we got back in time to watch half the hockey game (although it’s amazing: the hockey game was EVERYWHERE in toronto…almost unescapable), and after watching toronto lose we watched survivor’s finale. double yawn.

we went to see about a boy this afternoon, and aside from having a great soundtrack, i liked it a lot. even hugh grant couldn’t fuck up a nick hornby novel i guess. it was cute. then i headed for home right after. and here i am. whee. what a fantastic story.

robin’s now invited me to see star wars again tonight. i think i’ll probably go again for something to do. we’ll see. and tomorrow’s a day off!

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