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17 May 02

two times nothing is still nothing

i may as well have just skipped today. i’m sitting here asking myself, would my life turn out any different if today hadn’t happened? absolutely not.

work was a complete bust: i did a bit of research and answered a few questions, but it was anything but a productive day. i havent even done anything tonight, except for laundry. (so i guess i should amend my previous statement: if today hadn’t happened my clothes would all be dirty. woe is me.) there isn’t even a hockey game on tonight, if you can imagine. i had an opportunity to go and watch a movie tonight, but i declined, so i guess my uneventfulness is partly my fault.

i’m sitting here thinking to myself that i have a bunch of webpage work that i really have to get working on, but the motivation isn’t there since i don’t have any idea when the deadline is. i know i’m going to have to do some work on that this weekend.

i’ve decided to go to toronto tomorrow for something to do. i have no idea what i’ll end up doing there, but at least it’ll be something. it doesn’t feel right to sit at home over a long weekend somehow. unfortunately, my digital camera didn’t arrive today as i’d hoped, so i won’t be able to document my excursion.

i guess it’s a bit of a woe is me night, although there’s nothing really wrong or bad or whatever. just a nothing night leading to overall blahness.

i think i’m gonna watch the matrix now. i haven’t seen it in ages, but my interest was rekindled by the sneak peak trailer for the sequel i saw yesterday. yum, carrie-anne moss. and she’s canadian!

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