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16 May 02

i’m soon to be a bazillionaire; wanna be my best friend?

so, there’s just one day left before the long weekend…and i think i might just make it. today was excruciatingly long and, for the third straight day (which is unheard of in my books) i ended up with a headache. i dont recall accomplishing anything of substance this morning (except for an ad hoc meeting with my manager that lasted around an hour), and i finished the day with a 2 hour meeting that sucked the life out of me.

but, yes, the weekend looms ahead. 3 people on my 6 member team are taking tomorrow off to make it an extra long weekend, and to make up for that, i’ve decided to take tuesday off. no one takes tuesdays off. i’m sure it will be lovely.

i learned tonight that there’s a record lottery drawing here tomorrow night ($34 million – paltry by american standards, but huge by canadian) which i guess explains why i was solicited for a twonie at work today [translation for american readers: a twonie is a canadian two dollar coin; so dubbed because of the term loonie that which have ascribed to our loon-bearing one dollar coin] for the work lottery pool. i don’t buy lottery tickets, nor do i have any intention of starting. i guess i handed over my $2 for the same reason i entered into the amazing race 2 pool (i came in 3rd apparently): because i want to be cool. doesnt entering lotteries and the like make me cool? i thought so. trailer park cool. oh, and by the way, i’m going to win that lottery, so you’d better start sucking up now.

robin came back from the dead today when he pounded on my office window this afternoon. i dont think i’d seen him for over a week, and he came by to give mitch a piece of a brick from her now-demolished old house. i thought that was pretty cool of him, and i could tell mitch was impressed too.

oh, and, as i write this, he’s at a fabulous much music dance party, chaperoning a bunch of highschool kids. i did that a few times 2 years ago when i was teaching, and it was a bit startling. all i kept saying to the other student teachers was “oh my god, how can the grade 9 girls be wearing so little?”

i’ve decided that, if i can slap together a bit of perl (and i dont get removed from google tonight like i’m expecting to), i’m gonna add a side bar to my blog with the most recent search terms by which people found me. tonight, someone searched for monchichi pic and lo and behold, i’m 3rd on the list. i find this intriguing, and it reminds me of a page i came across over a year ago before i knew what a weblog was called disturbing search requests. i remember reading it and laughing my ass off back then, and i’m thinking i may end up with some entries of my own.

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