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15 May 02

now now now now now

i finally ordered my digital camera. but i want it here NOW. i’m impatient and selfish and spoiled. nownownow.

i emailed janet yesterday about my tarot reading suggesting that i shouldn’t live in the past. her response: “maybe if your past is your present it’s not that big of a deal :)” i like that.

rollerblading home tonight required far too much effort for my liking. i was blading into a bit of a wind and when i got home i basically collapsed on my couch. stupid shakey leg syndrome. god i’m out of shape. blading in this morning was fine, except at the end when i reached the library and i heard a “hi rob” as i was rolling over some gravel. my head swiveled around and at that moment i hit some gravel, so i looked like a fool trying to not fall down while at the same time figuring out who had said hi. it was geoff. i told him off. i recognize that this would have been a much more interesting story had i actually fallen, but screw you! i’m not just here to entertain you! that’s right, i’m talking to you.

can someone tell me why the world needs this? and who on earth would buy this?

finally, i’ve noticed a large proliferation of people showing off various quiz results on their blogs. so, i too have finally caved and i’ve decided to share my result after having taken the best online quiz ever. here’s my result:

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