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15 May 02

it’s amazing how little one can say in 512 words

there’s a lot of people abandoning ship at work right now. my officemate got a new job today (still at the university, but no longer in the department). cindy got a new job (still in the department, just another group). another woman got a job in alberta. and i know of others who are looking to ditch. can you say “low job satisfaction”?

is it a bad sign when you get to the doctor’s office and they tell you they have no record of your appointment? that happened to me today. the doctor saw me anyway, but that was annoying. the bigger news though was that i finally got around to closing my stupidass scotiabank account! it’s only big news because i’ve been saying for months that i gotta close this stupid bank account…i only have it because i needed it for stupid student loans, but i’m done with those now (although, yes, i’m still paying them off). at one point this account had over $100 in it, and it dwindled to $41 through stupid service charges. so, i was so proud of myself for actually thinking to do it today while i was downtown. any other time i’ve remember the bank was closed. let me just add one more word to this paragraph: stupid.

on my way back to work, i saw a certain professor that i hadn’t seen for a year. he called me literally every day last summer for help with software, and i thought i’d seen the last of him when he moved to another school. anyway, the only reason i’m bringing this up is because he’s a fantastic combination of mr. bean and disco stu. i mean, his voicemail message might as well have BEEN bean. if only i had a picture.

when i got home from work today i would have enjoyed a quick nap, but the pigeons on my balcony were being exceptionally loud. oh, and as it turns out, they were also having sex. i’d never seen that before and hopefully i won’t see it again. i really hate pigeons in general…they tend to wake me up a lot on weekends during the summer…i hate that.

well, i don’t really understand how they did it, but the leafs managed to win their series with the senators. i watched the game at the grad club again, and this time there were a zillion people there, most of whom were leaf fans. mmmm, strong bow and nachos. the leafs were missing a whole bunch of players, and their goalie didn’t really play especially well in the series, so i honestly don’t know how it happened. but hey, i’m not complaining. sorry robin. they’ll get slaughtered by detroit anyway, if they make it that far.

finally, with the help of my friend aly, i think i’ve finally decided on a digital camera: the fuji finepix 2600. it’s amazing how much cheaper it is to order it from the US, even when the exchange rate is figured in.

currently spinning: fountains of wayne – baby one more time

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