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14 May 02

i’ll see your monchichi and raise you a paper machet pig

so, yeah, i let el scotto make a special guest post. he used his time in the sun to show off his intense love of the band nickelback, as well as to poke shots at me. but, hey, he’s a chump.

i actually don’t even feel like talking about my day. it sucked and was frustrating and boring and tiring. to summarize: i had 2 meetings for a total of 5 hours. by the end of the first one i was annoyed and frustrated (even though i ended up getting what i wanted), and by the middle of the 2nd one i was exhausted and frustrated and had a headache. that really pretty much summarizes my day. how pathetic.

according to the weather page, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. snow. it’s may 14th. i know this is canada, but that’s just not right.

in lieu of other stories, i thought i’d post a snippit of a conversation i had earlier with scott via icq. you’ll see why:

stewie: i have a paper machet pig in my closet from grade 8…im gonna give it to you
robbie pentland: what a lovely gesture
robbie pentland: you should carry that around with you as a good luck charm
stewie: it’s huge
robbie pentland: even better. bigger pigs bring bigger luck
stewie: its the size of eight gerbal heads
robbie pentland: a lot of luck can fit in 8 gerbal heads
stewie: when you see what it looks like you wont think its lovely
stewie: very true
robbie pentland: you should have a blog all about your obvious love of paper machet
robbie pentland: or perhaps a mailing list
stewie: ya i should make a webpage like yours all about paper machet!!!
robbie pentland: YES exactly!
stewie: ok so its settled then…I’M PICKING UP THAT HITCHHIKER

yes, we really are both that random. and, if you’re reading this scott, i’m coming to collect that paper machet pig soon.

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Date: 1883

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