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12 May 02

a weekend in the life of a big geek

well, i’m back after a crazy hectic weekend. i’m so tired and feel like i need a couple days to recover from my couple days off. i always hate not having wind-down time on a sunday night, which is why when i go somewhere for a weekend i like to get home around dinner time on sunday so i can just relax for a little bit before bed. i’ve always been that way, but i dont feel like i’m gonna have adequate recovery time this weekend.

i can’t believe how weird my last week has been, nostalgia-wise. it sort of all hit me while i was driving back to toronto from the wedding: first janet visited for a couple days, and then i saw 6 or 7 people from university that i hadnt seen in a couple years at the wedding. as a result, i spent a few days basically reminiscing with people and talking about people i hadn’t thought of in years.

the wedding was cool because the ceremony was nice and just how i’d want it (gorgeous and tasteful and short and intimate), and it was cool to see people i hadn’t seen in forever, but in many cases we just sort of ran out of things to talk about. one exception was a guy who left queen’s when i was in 3rd year, so i hadn’t seen him in 4 or 5 years. after having talked to him for a couple hours i got to thinking that i may have done things sort of wrong in university. i’ve had this thought before, but basically for most of university i spent a lot of time with janet and our housemates and her sister, and didn’t do a whole lot of socializing with others (i mean, it’s not like i ignored people, but i didn’t hang out with enough people regularly i think). i was thinking about this group of people that i knew pretty well and always enjoyed talking to, but i always seemed to stay on their periphery for some reason. in retrospect, i really wish i’d gotten to know them better. but, after having talked to this guy, i like the idea of getting together with a few of them in toronto over the summer, so i hope that works out.

i didn’t stay for the reception, which made me feel a bit guilty, but i just really wasn’t in the mood to be a single guy at a wedding with a bunch of old friends, most of whom had dates. i think i made the right choice in retrospect, ’cause i ended up having a pretty good time in toronto, but i’m gonna have to email some people to apologize for not staying.

instead of the reception, i went to toronto and went to a pub with sarah and a bunch of other people, just to relax and hang out. nothing noteworthy happened, but sarah, kristina and me were trying to sleep in this one little tiny room last night (the sardine maneouver) and i really didnt get much sleep at all…it was soooo hot in there.

this morning sarah did a tarot reading for me, which was kinda cool. the issue of my job and money came up a lot (which is expected since that’s really all i have going on right now), but what was most interesting was that it said that in the near future i’m going to be thinking a lot about the past, and that i’m going to have to move on and stop trying to relive the past. you can’t get much more timely than that.

my sister and i took my mom out for dinner today to a place called the great canadian cabin. it was so-so, and i’m not in a big rush to go back…but my mom enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.

oh! as a fabulous surprise, my sister bought me a little mini monchichi doll from an asian market in toronto. you can find the coolest things at those places! i wish i had a digital camera so i could take a pic of it. it made me giggle.

my mom just called to make sure i got home ok, which struck me as really funny considering i drove about 1000 km this weekend (through toronto a few times) and she was most worried about the last boring 200 km leg.

i’m dreading tomorrow (and the rest of the week) because it appears as though many meetings are looming on the horizon…and if my tarot reading was accurat work is gonna dominate my life this week. alas. at least the leafs won tonight.

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