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11 May 02

home is where your bed used to be, but it was replaced by a computer room

ah, peterborough. i didnt miss you a bit. i’m currently at my mom’s house, in phase 2 of a multiphased weekend. allow me to summarize:
phase 1: drive to peterborough (2 hours) to visit my dad this afternoon/evening for his birthday
phase 2: stay at my mom’s house tonight
phase 3: drive to hamilton (2.5 hours) for a wedding saturday afternoon
phase 4: drive to toronto (1 hour) and stay with sarah and kristina saturday night
phase 5: drive back to peterborough (2 hours) for mothers’ day on sunday
phase 6: drive back to kingston (2 hours) to sleeeeeep sunday night

so, i’m already tired, and the weekend’s barely begun.

a few words about peterborough: it sucks ass. i mean, if i was old, or perhaps in the market for a nice cottage, peterborough would be at the top of my list. however, i’m really not. i read a message posted by a teacher new to peterborough on a bulletin board this past year, describing it as “the electric city”. i’m not sure what possessed him to call it that; robin’s suggestion was that it was with reference to the fact that “yes, we now have electricity” which is more accurate than a description of its nightlife.

i worked until 2:30 today, and spent most of my time reading about desktop management packages (landesk, SMS, etc.) the pricing on these things is really bizarre and convoluted and impossible to understand, and i don’t pretend to get it. i’ve been trying to do research this week into what another school has been using for this purpose, but they won’t return my calls…i’m not sure what it is, but no one would return my calls this week. i was getting frustrated.

at lunch i decided to wander downtown and have a look at digital cameras some more. the camera shop’s selection was really good, but really expensive. pass. the other store i went to had a handful of crappy ones, so i passed on them too. so, i’m sort of back to the drawing board. i think i’ll order one online. my walk downtown was insanely windy, and it was tempting to spread my jacket like a sail. but i didn’t.

i can’t figure out why i can’t access my blog directly from my mom’s ISP. i can remotely connect to my work PC and connect from there, and that’s how i’m making this posting, but i can’t directly reach it. perhaps it’s not accessible everywhere? maybe that’s why google keeps dropping me?

anyway, this is gonna be my last posting til sunday night. wheeeee. ciao until then.

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