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09 May 02

from bad to good in under 500 words

ugh. i’m discouraged and frustrated tonight.
without going into specifics, all of a sudden everyone’s feeling like our support centre plans are falling apart. that’s nothing new; we’ve gone through mini-crises like this almost once a week for the last couple months. today’s a bit different because this crisis has been combined with a sudden job crisis, and it’s made things blechy.

janet’s visit for the last couple days basically prompted me to start thinking about teaching again. her stories of her experiences have made me miss it a lot, and as a coincidence, another guy at work was telling me today he’s been considering teaching as a new career, which got us talking about my experiences (such as they are…a few months of teaching geography and computers in highschool).

ALSO, i was struck with this feeling today that i totally should have applied for those programming jobs at work. once again i was a victim of my own non-action and laziness. it also brings to mind this mini-quote i read last night: “paralysis through analysis”. sounds familiar. i’m not sure if i’d like those jobs or not after a few months, and i dunno how secure they would be for me (i often think it takes me longer than others to grasp a general concept, but once i do i learn fast…but i think that initial time might’ve put me in jeopardy in this case). regardless, i’m still where i am. and i bet if you ask me in a couple days how i’m feeling about my job situation, i’ll be back to normal and teaching will seem like a dumb idea again. that’s me.

today’s lunchtime was SO painful. i spent it in a softball rec league managers’ meeting (i’m our team’s co-manager this year, against my better judgement…i was the manager last year and it sucked ass), and it consisted of a guy reading the rule book out loud and explaining what a foul ball was, while the supercompetitive people kept asking contentious questions just to piss me off. “what happens if the catcher has the ball and is closer to the runner than the plate…can they tag the runner?” “shut the fuck up.”

YAY! kristina just called me to tell me that the salteens are playing in toronto on june 1! i’m SO psyched…i havent seen them live in over a year! and on june 6th or something i’m seeing the barenaked picnic, featuring bnl, bnl side projects and the fabulous flashing lights. ah music, you’ve come back to me. it’s amazing. when i started writing this entry i was feeling pretty cruddy (i had to work the word cruddy into my blog somehow), and now i’m feeling pretty fab. yay canrock.

oh, and my brother scott (el scotto the chump) found my webpage apparently. so, if he’s reading this, hey loser.

currently spinning: the salteens – bubba da

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