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08 May 02

my god. my blog entry is the most boring thing ever. sorry.

before i forget: i should have mentioned this yesterday, but cindy is back from the dominican, and i’m still jealous as hell. she’s super tanned, and her boyfriend paul brought me back a cigar, which was pretty cool of him. also cool: now i have someone to icq with all day.

anyway, my day was okish again, but pretty bizarre on the whole. i learned that i, in fact, seem to know significantly more about windows nt servers than i was giving myself credit for, so that sort of made me feel good (and sort of bad ’cause i guess i could be making more money than i am). i also learned all about a bunch of stuff about security webcams for our computer labs from a member of queen’s security. if anyone’s ever done something like that before btw (setting up security labs to monitor something), please contact me!

so, i ended up going out for a mall food court dinner with janet tonight (she’s my ex who i was with for 4+ years…we broke up 3.5 years ago or something). she’s in town for a social sciences curriculum thing (she’s a teacher), and she ended up coming back to my place to watch a movie. my first attempt was to watch best in show on dvd, but my playstation 2 has suddenly decided to no longer play dvds. that’s pretty frustrating, especially since my warranty ran out a while ago…grr. we ended up watching the wrong guy (which we actually watched together 4 years ago or so), and if you haven’t seen it before, GO RENT IT. it stars dave foley from kids in the hall as a guy who thinks people think he’s a murder, so he goes on the run. of course, no one thinks that. it’s a big long kids in the hall sketch, essentially.

so anyway, it was nice to see her again. we still have the habit of saying the same thing at the same time, and i had a fun time hanging out with her. it’s weird that she’s going to be married in a few months though, while i’m single again. alas.

the walmart parking lot has a mini-amusement park thingy set up again. they do that a couple times a summer with little to no fanfare. the “rides” look pretty sketchy to me though. i think i may pass for the 7th straight year.

welp, this may be the most boring blog entry in the history of time. but, suck it up.

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