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08 May 02

geek geek geek

i felt like a lot of things came together today. i’m not sure whether that’s reality or not, but i feel good tonight.

first of all, i think i’ve picked out some security cameras for our computer labs (big deal, i know)….but i’m a geek and get excited about new toys so inetcam’s cameras might let me play with new geeky stuff. i looked through a zillion pages so i was excited to find a company that makes cameras that accept cat5 cables instead of USB or RCA or whatever.

i also figured out a whole bunch of XP/NT domain security stuff, which also accentuates my geekiness. and that’s all i’ll say about that.

my evening was fun…mitch and janet and a few others and i all went to an on-campus pub to watch the hockey game, and THIS time the leafs came out on top. happy days. mitch and i got there together at 7 and there was practically no one there…the rest of our table arrived about halfway through the came, so for most of the first half there were the two of us, plus a table of 3 guys watching. the interesting part was that at that table there were two ottawa fans and one toronto fan, so when toronto scored he was clapping alone. i told him i’d join in to even things up a bit.

so last night, there was no street sweeper. instead, however, some brilliant person decided they felt like playing the piano until 1am. i have NO idea where the piano was mind you (not in my building for sure), but it was exceptionally loud considering it had to either be in the residence building or the education building. regardless, who the hell is playing piano that late? perhaps the street sweeper’s wife. blah.

oh, and for everyone who’s been bugging me to change my damn homecam pic, i have. happy? i aim to please, after all.

finally, i’m really confused about how google works. i’ve now found my blog in the listings twice now (yesterday and a week ago) only to be removed a day after i was added. i actually emailed google about this and they replied within half a day (which was amazing to me). their response was that inconsistencies from minute to minute are usually because of the slow propagation of search indices from server to server….but that doesn’t really explain what’s going on with me. god, i’m such a geek. and that makes 4 uses of the word geek (5) in this entry. a new record.

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