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06 May 02

zambonis and parking lots don’t mix

i’m not gonna subject anyone to the pointlessness of my day (highlights: woke up, ate a couple times, watched tv).

what i will point out is the fact that i thought i heard a helicopter at around 10pm – a noisy low rumbling sound. the catch was that it kept rumbling away, which is very unhelicopter-like behaviour. i looked out my window and lo and behold, a street sweeper/washer was driving down the road that runs between my building and the dorms and education buildings. that was fine; 10pm isn’t too late. unfortunately, it’s now 12:30 and it’s still chugging away, presumably because: (a) there’s no one in the dorms and my building is half empty, and (b) there aren’t many cars in the parking lots beside my building so now is a good time. of course, 2pm would have also met these requirements. i just looked outside again, and it seems to be cleaning the parking lot like a fucking zamboni. gah!

i’m closing my window now.

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