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06 May 02

tales of tunnels

so, just out of curiosity, how long does it take to sweep some parking lots? good lord. from 10-1 last night, and from 7-9:30 so far tonight. oh, and as an added bonus, the senators just scored on the leafs (blah) and he honked his horn repeatedly! i hate my street sweeper. hatehatehate.

it’s really too bad that my birthday’s in october, because i would’ve asked for this without question. sacrilicious. i used to have a hayden shirt that said “oh hayden” in the form of oh henry’s logo, but it was too small for me so i gave it to my friend nancy.

last night i was reading slashdot, as per usual (because i’m a big geek), and i came across an article about a guy who built a digital camera out of a scanner. anyway, that was moderately interested, but i wanted to see what else the guy’d done so i had a look at his homepage. what jumped out at me was his page about the university of waterloo’s service tunnels! now, for this to make sense, i’ll need to provide a little history.

after i graduated from highschool in 1994 (christ, that was forever ago), i went to the university of waterloo in an ill-fated false start to my university career. i hated pretty much every day of the five or so months i spent there (although i really did a lot of things wrong in that time…but that’s a story for another blog entry), but seeing this page made me feel really nostalgic for some reason. one of the first people i met at UW was a guy named tim who had already completed a degree in biology. he was telling me about how some of his friends had told him that all of the buildings at UW were connected by tunnels, but he wasn’t sure how to access them. at the time i wrote this off as a rumour (i mean, queen’s has similar rumours…in fact a frosh week issue of golden words a few years ago provided maps of the tunnels to gullible frosh), but now, 8 years later, i find out it was true! even though i was totally miserable at waterloo, i find myself thinking back to some of the fun things that happened while i was at UW:

  • meeting a girl named nat, one of the biggest sweethearts in the history of the world, whose highschool calculus notes were all in french which proved a real challenge when i was trying to look on with her. she made me a good luck charm for my car which kept dying on me, and did her best to convince me to not drop out of UW. (of course, i did eventually)
  • the bizarre sociology prof, auggie fleres whose addiction to vicks cough drops was unsurpassed by any.
  • the freakish algebra prof (whose name escapes me) who could multiply any two numbers together. we assumed he was a cyborg.
  • joanne, who worked with me at kmart, who was the only person at work who was half as sarcastic as me. of course, we got along famously.
  • going to see sloan and pure live, both of whom kicked my ass. that was the one and only time i saw pure unfortunately. and man, there really arent many pure sites around anymore. good thing jordy birch is doing a solo thing now.
  • the little goofy guy i sat with in anthropology class. i wish i could remember his name but he always made me laugh. he was also the first victim i’d ever heard of of a misgraded “fill in the dot” exam. apparently his pencil couldn’t be picked up by the scanner. oops.

anyway, that pretty much summarizes most of the good things about my waterloo experience, except for all the great music that was around in 1994. reading about these tunnels that i heard about all those years back brough everything rushing back.

my day: an afternoon meeting, a whole bunch of housekeeping stuff, some progress was made on my XP research (although it irked me a bit), a lunch with mitch, and rollerblading in the gorgeousness.

ok, so the hockey game just ended (3-2 sens) and the street sweeper just honked again. gah! i know, i sound obsessed. maybe i am.

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