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04 May 02

spidey, a drink for all ages

i just got back from seeing spiderman, and i really liked it a lot. it’s the first good new movie i’ve seen in ages, and it was basically what i expected. blahblahblah, reviewreviewreview.

in a nutshell:

  • toby got buff. he played the geek well, and his adaptation to having weird powers was pretty cool. on the down side, his voice sounded weird when he was supposed to be spiderman. and, yes, the computer animation looked like computer animation, but it was easy to suspend belief for a while.
  • kirsten dunst did about as well with mary jane as anyone could…i mean, she’s a two dimensional damsel in distress by definition. she looked good and didn’t suck.
  • willem dafoe was, as always, scary. he’s really freaky. i’m not convinced he needed the green goblin mask.
  • mix in a love story, random deaths, morality and some splosions and it turned out pretty well. thank god bruckheimer wasn’t involved.

other than that (and my freakish ear wounding), my day was completely uneventful. i spent an afternoon trying to fight off braindeadedness by researching windows xp stuff, but it was really hard to keep my focus. i felt like i was the only one at work all afternoon. whee.

oh, and thanks to steve i can’t stop playing this game. my record’s 23. i don’t think it’s quite as bad as this one, addiction-wise though.

one more thing: robin asked me tonight who replaced megatron on the transformers in later episodes (or, i guess, who he turned into would be more accurate). somehow the word “galvatron” popped out of my mouth, and he told me i was right. i looked it up when i got home and sure enough… what worries me is that the word “galvatron” really means nothing to me at all, and if someone had asked me what galvatron was earlier i wouldn’t have had a clue. oh, and for trivia’s sake, if you look at the picture of the toy in the link i provided, you’ll see that galvatron had a big orange cannon. my puppy at the time spanky ate my galvatron cannon, and it pissed me off a lot as a 10 year old. spanky is now dead, however, after having lived a long and full life. god i’m old.

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