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04 May 02

doorknobs, dragons, digital cameras and damn awful bands

so, who’s up for forming a posse? robin’s bike was stolen from his porch yesterday, so if youre interested in some random violence and vigilantism, grab your sack of doorknobs and drop me a line. i wanted to mount one of those huge boat search lights on the top of my car last night and patrol the neighbourhood, perhaps blinding some innocent sidewalk walkers in the process, in an attempt to find it……..but we went to spiderman instead.

so anyway, i went looking at digital cameras today, which is something i’ve been meaning to do for a while now (ever since i realized that all visual records of my history disappear whenever i break up with a girlfriend). i’ve been looking closely at the fuji 2600Z and the kodak dx3600, so if any of you have any personal experience with these (or have other suggestions to make), please email me about that too. i’d like to keep it to $400 canadian or less though.

after my stop at the future shop, i dropped by the mall for the hell of it and ended up buying trail of the dead’s source tags and codes for $12.99 (which is especially good considering the last bunch of cds i’ve bought have all been at least $22). but that’s not the real story…

the real story was when i was pulling into the mall parking lot. i noticed a stage set up to the left of the parking lot, down a hill, and there appeared to be a band setting up. this interested me because i hadnt heard anything about an outdoor concert. so i parked my car and wandered down for a closer look. the first clue i got was a sign that said CHRI 99.1 FM. i’d never heard of that station so i immediately thought to myself: “country”. but, as i was walking, a band started playing and they turned out to be a shitty nu metal band (like there’s any other kind…) i spotted another sign attached to a porta potty and it had a list of the bands. aha! thousand foot krutch and rise! christian rock! i laughed out loud. i guess that explained why there were only a few dozen people sitting on the hill, and why the mosh pit consisted of 6 or 7 boys all wearing the same blue shirt. well, i guess it doesnt explain the blue shirt part, unless they’re all members of a shitty christian nu metal band loving cult. at this point i ran away, trying to prevent the christian rock from saving me from my blasphemous ways.

inside the mall was a group of kids known as the quinte dragon drummers, and they were all drumming on buckets. it sounds weird but they were actually really good. the kids were all about 10-12 and they had obviously practised drumming their buckets for several hours. how does one get into such things? i have no idea.

then, on my way home, i drove by this sign advertising a compost sale at the collins bay penitentiary. i had no idea what to make of this, and i’m not going to offer any further comment, except to point out that the sale in some way benefited diabetes research or something. as an aside, for those of you who aren’t aware, my fabulous home of kingston ontario is home to something like 7 or 8 penitentiaries (as well as psych hospitals and other such things). one’s first impression when hearing that is often “oh god, that’s scary”, but the way i look at it, i’m probably the safest guy in the world (even though i can see 2 jails out my window). why? because if you escape from prison, are you gonna hang around?

the leafs are currently in their 2nd overtime, and the game may well end up going all night. good thing i’m already tired.

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