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03 May 02

most americans use and value their brains – the natural food of zombies

wow, it really IS my month!

just a quick note to document how my day began:

first of all, as i was getting into my car this morning a huge gust of wind came up and blew my car door into my ear. yes, my ear. it hurt a lot. and no, i’m not looking for pity here; in fact, i’m encouraging each and every one of you to mock me profusely. i almost wish it had been more serious so i could have gone to the emergency room and explained that i hurt my ear on my car door. anyway, it’s fine now.

second, as i was driving in to work, i noticed that the school crossing guard by my apartment was a woman. while this doesn’t exactly sound earth shattering, i will point out that i’ve been making this trip to campus for 3 years now and every single school day there crossing guard has been the same middle-aged guy in a bright orange “don’t run me over” jacket. this only added to the initial confusion i felt this morning when i was looking at the education building’s parking lot and seeing next to no cars: my first thought was “is it saturday? should i really be going to work?” and, now that i’ve seen a different crossing guard, i know the real answer: i’ve crossed into a parallel universe. i can’t come up with any other explanation.

steve and i have decided to leave this webpage playing all day. i think we’ve made the right decision.

finally, i thought i’d share a website for those of you who, like me, live in constant fear of zombie attack. oh my brain!

currently spinning: soul coughing – monster man

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Date: 1883

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