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02 May 02

happy may!

good news everyone! may is my month! what perfect timing.

anyway, i felt like a zombie for much of today and had to struggle to remember what i did at work (aside from almost getting blown away mary poppins style with my umbrella).

work wasn’t too eventful overall. i spent much of my day researching a bunch of things for our summer computer lab upgrade (stuff like XP policies, the microsoft office resource kit, console management software, etc.) basically just a lot of geeky silly things that only i care about. on the bright side though, i was feeling pretty excited about it (and i’m not ashamed to admit it), mainly because it’s a sign that i’ll actually get to begin using my brain at work again soon. it’s been far too long.

as for tonight, it looks like i owe robin another shiny nickel. the leafs got trounced by the senators (5-0), and i don’t mind it when they lose…but i DO mind when they don’t even bother to show up. man, what a boring game that turned out to be.

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