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30 May 02

adieu adieu to yeu and yeu and yeu

today is the first sick day i’ve ever taken from work. in 5 years that’s not a bad stat. i also have tomorrow booked off as a vacation day, so i’ll be revitalized and feeling great by monday i’m sure.

i’m just about to depart on my mission to toronto, and don’t really have anything to report except that i stayed in bed alllllll day. i’m feeling a thousand times better than i did, and i’m ready to enjoy my weekend.

i expect that you will all be good while i’m gone.

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29 May 02

100th entry: utter crap

what an accomplishment. this is my 100th entry.

unfortunately, this posting will not live up to the hype. i’m in an atrocious mood, and have been all day. work is shit, basically.

today was steve’s last day and our manager didn’t go to his lunch, or even talk to him today. he had a valid excuse for not coming to the lunch, but the fact that he couldn’t spare a couple minutes to say goodbye and explain why he was too busy really bugged me; it’s indicative of the amount of respect i feel that a lot of us get. i also sat through 2 meetings that really bugged me, so i’ve been incredibly grouchy all evening.

to make things worse i spent most of my evening working on a web course again, but one that’s entirely in french. my god. what a bad night to do that.

weirdest realization of the day: i think today marked the first time i’ve ever talked to robin on the phone. that’s the sign of true geekdom. human contact is vastly overrated.

other news: i’m going to toronto thursday night for a couple days again. i’m gonna catch the vestibules on thursday night (one of my favourite all-time comedy groups) and the salteens on saturday afternoon, both at the rivoli in toronto. i need an escape for a few days, without question. man i hope the vestibules are still funny. their best moments: laurence olivier for diet coke, exclusive interview with mr. dressup, beachcombers anonymous, performance artist barbie, and on and on.

29 May 02

i’m a picky picky man

you know what i hate? people who say “alls i know is….”

i’m sorry if you’re one of those people, but it drives me crazy.

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29 May 02


quelle horreur! the leafs were beat out of the playoffs tonight by the whalers. yup. the whalers. what a tragedy. it was an exciting finish with the leafs tying it up again with under 30 seconds left (wow, the bar went crazy…the girl beside me started to shake me), but alas…they couldn’t quite pull it out. now what am i gonna do for entertainment?

as a fun bonus, a fairly obnoxious person sat down beside me to watch the game. that made things more interesting i guess.

today’s atmosphere at work was significantly more negative than yesterday’s. i think it was in part because of the heat (the power went off last night and the air conditioner never kicked back in), but mostly because people really aren’t working together. in fact, people are working AGAINST each other with their own agendas and stuff, and it’s less than fun to watch people on the verge of snapping.

today was the first of a series of “goodbye parties” at work. tomorrow is steve’s lunch (he’s not REALLY leaving i suppose, but he won’t be my officemate anymore), and cindy is having her lunch tomorrow as well. and there are more to come.

my mom thinks her interview went ok, but she won’t hear back from them until the end of the week. i hope she doesn’t stress out too much over it.

we were supposed to play softball again tonight at 7, but when i realized there was a conflict with the hockey game there was no contest. i convinced the other manager to get the game rescheduled so mitch and i could watch the game guilt free.

christ i’m tired. my brain isn’t functional yet again. and eating nachos and beer for dinner really makes me feel blah.

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28 May 02

my office is hot. hot hot hot. hot.

i can’t actually confirm this…

but i think i’m melllllllllllllllllllllllting.

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28 May 02

book learnin’


Cut of either lamb or pork taken from the lower back. Sold as chops and steaks, ideal for grilling and barbecues.

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27 May 02

good is good

if someone says to you “hey, that was a great idea you had about _________”, how do you respond? if you’re like me, you’d probably say something like “hey thanks, that’s nice of you to say”, or maybe be self-effacing and say something like “naah, it wasn’t that good”. i said that to someone at work today and their response was “yeah, sometimes great ideas pop into my head, like that one”. how do you respond to something like that? geez.

i’m feeling better about work after today. it seemed like things started to fall into place for some reason. i’m not saying the summer is going to be easy by any means, but some things that have been nagging at me seem to have been resolved.

my mom has a job interview tomorrow – her first one in about 25 years i would guess. i called her to give her some encouragement and she sounded pretty nervous. she asked me a few cute questions about what she should bring and stuff, and i answered them as best i could. i really hope she gets it; she’s sort of being unfairly prejudged because she used to work in the housekeeping department of a hospital, and the elitist morons don’t seem to think that she has the skills she does. she’s spent the last year and a half taking a zillion courses and improving herself like crazy, and i really hope all her effort gets recognized or she’s going to lose what self confidence she has left.

i wasn’t nearly as sore today as i expected, although i feel like i’m stiffening up a bit tonight (mainly because i’m so old). there’s another softball game tomorrow night, so hopefully i’m feeling alright to play by then.

i think i’m now half done my web courses. i can’t wait until they’re finished. gah.

google update: out of the index again. whee. no more googlebot bathtub for me.

26 May 02

i’m old and hurt. have pity on me.

i’ve decided that my sedentary lifestyle will likely end up causing me great pain tomorrow morning when i wake up. i played my first game of softball of the year and we beat the snot out of some poor engineers (i think the score was something like 35-10, but i’m not really sure). anyway, the first game of the year usually results in me being kinda sore because no matter how much rollerblading i do, i dont really prepare myself for sprinting to first base and stopping suddenly.

a quick tally of my wounds:

  • a tweaked back (from sliding when i hit third when i realized i was going to pass the runner in front of me)
  • a lovely bruise on my shin (from a line drive hit back at me when i was pitching)
  • projected sore legs when i wake up in the morning (maybe, maybe not, we’ll see)

i’m old.

as an added bonus, i took a nice big gouge out of my finger while separating frozen hamburgers tonight…it was pretty gross. i guess i could’ve added that to my wound list.

funniest moment of today: robin asking me if one could become dehydrated for sneezing too much. damn allergies.

26 May 02


ah. apparently some of my disturbing search results are the result of robin’s new hobby: flooding my referrer logs. in response, i found the following result :

robin visit prison = badly broken ass

he followed that up with:

enormous upset adults pissed on stupid pager

i’m gonna call it a draw.

still no word though on who the hell searched for i am a googlebot index bathtub though.

26 May 02

yes i have no bananas

yes, i have no stories.
i just finished my 2nd web course of the day (8 hours of work in total). the leafs won. my wrists hurt.

bed calls.

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Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
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Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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