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30 Apr 02


so, i guess i’m feeling a bit retro at the moment, so i updated my obsessions to sort of reflect this. microserfs is my alltime favourite book, by my alltime favourite author (douglas coupland), and as i mentioned the other day, i just picked up the rushmore dvd, finally. if you’ve never seen a wes anderson movie, stop reading this now, get in your car, and go rent one (royal tenenbaums, rushmore and bottle rocket all kick my ass).

ok, so if you’re back from the video store, i’ll tell you some more fun stories. oh wait, i don’t have any. so, you’ll have to deal with it.

so yeah, my meetings today: i feel like i spend most of my work life in meetings right now. about a year and a half ago work was pretty much the same in that regard, except i used to leave all my meetings feeling exceptionally angry and frustrated because they were directionless and accomplished nothing. i dont feel that way anymore usually; my frustration, when i feel it, comes from someone overruling our decisions or changing our direction without necessarily having all the information. it makes me feel completely useless. anyway, the point of all this is that our director will be making his proclamation tomorrow about the last few weeks of effort. it could end up being a bad day tomorrow.

i felt really good after this afternoon’s meeting as well because, once again, i feel a bit vindicated. some suggestions i made about how to manage computer labs months ago have finally been accepted as being right, and that’s the direction we’re moving in now (after a brief interlude into something i thought was a bad idea)…and, as a bonus, it looks like i’ll finally be more in control. i really hate the feeling of having to rely on someone else to do my job.

oh, and the leafs just beat out the islanders. it’s a good night.

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