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30 Apr 02

matching toques: the next big thing

so yeah, i can’t believe i forgot to mention this earlier: kingston’s own “freaky twins” (as dubbed by brian at work) walked by our office window today. they’re really beyond description, and i think i may have been the last kingstonite to have seen them. they’re not really twins…they’re a mother and daughter of indeterminate age (although the mother looks at least 40 and the daughter is of school age) who dress identically. it pained me to look at, but i had trouble looking away. all i can really remember now is that they had matching orange toques on and matching backpacks. it made me really sad actually: i can’t imagine what that girl will be like when she grows up. i wish i had a picture of them so i could post it here…it’s really beyond description and my words dont do it justice.

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