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29 Apr 02

gonads in the lightning

i’m feeling guilty tonight. mitch was moving this afternoon/evening and i didn’t help. i normally would, but i wasn’t feeling up to the following:
(a) dealing with a group of people
(b) dealing with moving mitch into sarah’s old place
(c) dealing with sarah’s ex-housemates

yeah, it’s completely bizarre…mitch is moving into sarah’s place. it was a complete fluke. anyway, hopefully she’s not pissed at me…that’s bad friend behaviour.

anyway, today was the first day of post-supervisory life, and it’s already a bit of an adjustment. i mean, my supervisory style was laid back to say the least, but i was a bit irked when i found out my staff was going to be looked after by someone else (with me in a “secondary role”). the reasoning was basically to give me more time and focus, while also giving someone else a role in the “new system”. anyway, the summer staff started today and they arrived at 8:30, as they were supposed to. i was running late and got there at 8:35, and their new supervisor was nowhere to be seen…and their work area wasn’t even set up. i probably would have done it had i been here friday afternoon, but clearly no one else did either. so, steve and i grabbed a couple computers for them and set them up…and their supervisor arrived at 9. i would have felt really embarassed if they were new to the department, but both of them have a pretty good idea of how things work around there. anyway, it was hard to sit by and watch this (and other things along the same vein that developed over the morning that i won’t get into).

otherwise, i spent some time doing geeky stuff today, researching ADSI (active directory something something) and a few other win2k things. there’s lots of learning to be done this summer, and i’m finding it difficult to make progress thus far because i’m ALWAYS waiting for someone before i can move forward.

oh hey, i’m also looking into security cameras/webcams for our computer labs. any suggestions?

robin‘s icq n/a message last night was “popular mechanics for broken hearts could help me now”. how apropos. and what a great song too.

oh! and i just found out that my friend briar is coming to visit me on wednesday. she’s from peterborough like me (although i don’t hold it against her), but she lives in alberta now. i havent seen her since canada day last year (july 1st for you poor souls who aren’t canajun), so that’s exciting. wheeee!

i also got my pay “raise” today, and if i hadnt been expecting it i wouldn’t have even noticed it. let’s just say it’s not very substantial. i also got a couple months of retro pay in an attempt to make up for the fact that i did 2 jobs for almost a year without a raise like i was promised. fab.

so anyway, the last thing i’ll say for now is this: if i’m icky or blah or boring to anyone in the next couple days, i apologize now…and i’ll make it up to you soon.

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