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26 Apr 02

here comes the weekend

explain this to me:
i was just informed by work that i am no longer allowed to do contract work for other departments at queen’s on my own time. the argument was a bit contradictory (they couldnt seem to make up their mind whether it was an issue of “overtime”, i.e. working for queen’s in addition to my normal pay would mean i’m eligible for overtime; or an issue of perception, i.e. departments may see MY DEPARTMENT offering services to some people but not others, rather than seeing ME doing it). anyway, i’m pretty annoyed about the whole thing, partly because i was sort of counting on the additional income, and partly because morale couldnt possibly get much lower at work right now.

anyway, my morning consisted of 2 meetings that took up a lot of my energy (and time), and now i’m at home getting ready to go to toronto. i’m going to see the dears and spiritualized at the opera house tonight which is pretty exciting, and i’m going to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night. i’ll be back on sunday so you’ll have to survive without blog entries until then (not that anyone will actually notice…)

hopefully everyone has a fabulous weekend and i’ll talk to you all again soon.

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