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25 Apr 02

the bachelor is evil

today turned out to be pretty crazy. i spent much of the morning revising our staffing plan, and from 1:30 til a little after 4 presenting it to our manager. when that was done i had to run off and pick up my car, and head to my workshop by 4:30. it was hectic and busy and tiring, but at least nothing terrible happened.

the staffing plan (i.e. how our new call centre is going to function) is still up in the air because the director of our department will have to ok it, and sometimes it’s incredibly hard to make him see things “our way”. when it’s all about the bottom line and an outdated view of technology, it makes things really frustrating. anyway, i guess we’ll have to wait a week or two for more progress to be made, but i refuse to worry about it.

the workshop i was asked to teach a few weeks ago was odd. first of all, i was never sent an agenda, location, or even time to arrive which was a bit frustrating. i emailed for it today and didn’t receive a response…grrr. finally, an admin assistant told me what SHE thought i was supposed to do. as it turns out, only 2 people were supposed to come, so it turned into an informal one-on-two help session. it turned out alright i guess.

hockey is sucky tonight, so i’m not even gonna go into that. and my god, has anyone out there seen that bachelor show? holy shit, it’s reprehensible!

boring night, that’s all for now.

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