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25 Apr 02

$2 bought me unadulterated happiness

looking out my office window this morning, i can’t help but think that “window washer in the rain” must have near record low job satisfaction scores. couldn’t it wait until this afternoon when the rain stops? apparently not.

anyway, being the bright boy that i am, i left my car at sarah’s last night and took a cab home after the hockey game. it made sense at the time, because her house is much closer to campus than mine, and i need to leave work early today to get to a workshop i’m supposed to be teaching this afternoon, and it would be far easier to drive there than to walk. i figured that would save me from driving in this morning and getting a parking ticket. unfortunately, that plan didn’t take into account that the weather forecast for this morning called for much wind and rain…oops. i started walking and saw a bus coming so i took it most of the way. i think it was worth the $2.

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