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24 Apr 02

the saga continues…

i can’t believe i forgot to update the jos louis saga last night! when one has as little in one’s life as i do, one must talk ad nauseum about the small things (such as being nearly poisoned by a major snackfood manufacturer).

anyway, according to the lovely people at vachon customer service, the box of jos louis i bought 2 or 3 months ago (february or march) expired on january 22, 2002. the individual packages say “YY*JA22” so i assumed that meant january 2003, but nope. their last response, and i quote, was:

“Do not eat these products. They are outdated. I’ll will send you one
coupon to replace your box and I suggest you to check the “Best Before” date
on our packaging.”

the main problem was that the box had no best before date on it. as well, i ate 13 of the 16 over the last 2 months and only came across one that smelled chemically. i’m tempted to get it analyzed…stale things shouldn’t make my eyes water, should they? any chemists in the reading audience?

anyway, i’m at work so i should probably…work.

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