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24 Apr 02

my day was boring, genitals

so yeah. i wish work wasn’t so boring so i could share some fabulous stories with the world, but it’s a fact: my life is terribly unexciting. for this i apologize profusely.

i spent much of my day in meetings, preparing to present our new staffing plan to our manager tomorrow. i think we’re ready and i really hope he doesn’t shoot it down. i think we did a great job and what we came up with should work.

i went to an on-campus pub tonight to watch the leafs get beaten (by the referees actually…who calls a penalty shot with 2 minutes left on a non-penalty shot play?) with sarah and robin, and that was a good time. there was beer, there was hockey, there was yelling from other bar patrons. can’t get much more fun than that.

i got a phone call today from a friend of mine from alberta who i haven’t seen since last summer. actually, she’s from peterborough like me but goes to school at the university of alberta…she’ll be in kingston next week so she’s hoping to stop in. i’m looking forward to that…yay for visitors! i don’t get nearly enough of those.

good christ this was a boring blog entry…not even remotely funny either. quelle horreur. one thing that always makes even the most mundane sentences more funny is to add the word “genitals” to the end of every sentence. steve (my officemate) came up with that game last summer, and it really did make things more funny for a few minutes…however, i think it’s an “out loud” sorta game so i’ll spare you all from typing it. try it with your friends. hours of fun for all!

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