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23 Apr 02

stir the pot, of love

what to say, what to say.
i’d like to post a blog entry that doesnt put the reader to sleep, so i’ll have to think long and hard.

first of all, i’d like to say hi to cindy because she likes to see her name on my blog. so, hi cindy! i walked home with her today which was a fun change, and she also informed me this afternoon that she and her boy are going to the dominican republic next week. and yes, i’m publicly stating that i’m jealous.

i was giving some thought to my last posting and realized that i’ve run into 2 random people lately (and i think i even posted about the first one a little while back). the only reason i thought of it was because i ran into her again in the library: the girl i went to teachers’ college with a couple years back (in geography like me) and who didnt like teaching (also like me). apparently every time she’s been in the library lately i’ve run into her…to the point where she probably thinks i’m stalking her.

so, hockey’s taking a bit of a turn for the worse. the leafs got slaughtered (6-1), the canucks lost their last game and are currently losing tonight. on the bright side, the habs came back to win tonight and the senators won again last night…so i guess it’s not all bad. when playoffs start, my life seems to grind to a bit of a halt.

work was good today, surprisingly. i felt like i/we made a whole lot of progress on a lot of things, and that always makes me feel better. the pessimist in me keeps thinking that every time i feel good about something at work, the next day turns to shit…but i’m sure that won’t happen tomorrow. yeah, that’s it.

finally, my ex-co-worker ralph sent me a link to this site claiming that he “half expected to see a little “Designed for Rob Page” graphic down at the bottom”. he has a point. it’s a fun site.

hey! i’m watching the canucks game right now and losing california by sloan is playing between plays. that’s pretty fun. i bet they wouldn’t do that in detroit.

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