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22 Apr 02

jumbo video: the apex of the universe

i meet a lot of people when i expect it least (although, when you think about it, when are you ever expecting to see someone you havent seen in a while?) it’s interesting though: usually when i see someone i havent seen in ages, i end up seeing them in bunches…2 or 3 in a week. tonight’s example was seeing the geography teacher i taught with a year and a half ago when i was in teachers’ college. i’ve seen a lot of teachers from the highschool since then, but i haven’t seen him since my last day of teaching. i really wish i’d run into the computer teacher i taught with…he was so great and his sense of humour was pretty much identical to mine. i feel really guilty for losing touch with him, but i guess he lost touch with me too. i’ll be sure to post if and when i see someone else random, to test my theory.

i seem to run into such people at jumbo video a lot. for example, the head of the social sciences department at the same highschool, and he hinted strongly that i should try for a job there. even better was a few weeks later when i ran into a girl who went to teachers’ college with me and disappeared after graduation. turns out she was teaching in yellowknife…who knew?

in other news, the jos louis people emailed me back today! i tried to phone them to complain that my jos louis smelled and tasted chemically last week, but the phone number listed on their website was out of service. but they emailed me back within a couple hours! they just asked for the UPC code, best before date and my address, so maybe i’ll get some more free chemically treats.

i’m supertired again tonight, even though i got enough sleep last night. it hit me around 8pm and i’ve been a bit of a zombie ever since. i’m actually feeling quite a bit like i did on friday afternoon when i just felt totally rundown and blah – not really sick, but blah. i’m a bit concerned too about getting sick, mainly because i almost never get sick. steve (my office mate) coughed his lungs out all day and was apparently in bed all weekend, and now i’m feeling warm (almost feverish) and blah. i think it’s psychosomatic though. being sick is traumatic for me because i havent had much practice at it in so long (only when i’m really depressed usually). i used to get a lot of colds but i havent in a while, thankfully.

finally, i got a lovely voodoo curse email today from steve. i recommend them. my personal favourite message to include is “i love you”, but you can choose your own. unless youre sending one to me, and then i expect an i love you. this means you.

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