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21 Apr 02

today: sloth and gluttony, rolled into one!

i just got home from watching the amityville horror (a horror movie from about 1974). when it ended, the first thing that came to mind was that simpsons hallowe’en special when, after they read the raven, bart commented about how unscary it was and lisa said “maybe people were easier to scare back then”. a horror movie when nothing scary happens isn’t much of a horror. i’d actually seen it before…back when i was in grade 12 or so and my friends and i would rent a bunch of old crappy horror movies. i must have been drunk or something because i really dont remember any of it. give me children of the corn any day.

i was told i’m witty tonight, again. that amuses me. of course, it was followed up with “yeah, there’s always some fucked up shit coming out of your mouth”. compliment? i couldn’t decide. i tend to think of myself as more of a smart ass than someone who is witty, but who am i to say?

i also watched a bunch of hockey today. my first question is: why were the leafs playing at 3 pm? they won, as did ottawa, so it was a good hockey day.

oh hey, we had an earthquake here early this morning! 5.5 on the richter scale, and yet i slept through it. there have been a couple that i remember in ontario, usually in the 4-5 range, and i’ve missed them all. i was sort of wishing i was awake for it, but alas.

i can’t believe how much i ate tonight. i was eating for about an hour and a half pretty much constantly. i got chicken brochette from minos (a greek takeout place here) and greek salad and a bunch of bread…man it was good. and for good measure, i ate a bunch of chips and dip (to further prove my unhealthiness) while watching the movie. i think i should eat chicken brochette every day. and it was only $30 for our three meals! can’t go wrong with that.

finally, i’ll just point out that i left my jacket at work on friday. i realized this last night, but i never had a chance to go back and get it. of course, the temperature dropped drastically today and i was stuck without a jacket tonight. oh well, serves me right.

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