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20 Apr 02

changing lanes needs changing

first of all, i’m sorry to anyone i was bitchy to today. i’ve been in a bad mood all day and i tried really hard to not take it out on anyone, but if i did i’m sorry. i’ve just been so tired all day (not because of lack of sleep so much…for reasons unknown) and i started feeling worse as the day went on.

the highlight of my day was my trip downtown with cindy, who was looking for a birthday present for her boy. it was a nice walk and it woke me up a bit, and the day was gorgeous. oh, and cindy’s radical. just ask her.

the problem was that i wasn’t really using my brain at all today and i was sitting in an excessively warm office, and as the day went on i started feeling less and less with it, and more and more illish. oh well. i feel better now, sort of, after being outside for a while.

ok…so i started writing this post at around 6 pm and went out for a while. fast forward to 1:45 am and i’ve now gone to see the movie “changing lanes”. oh my GOD. when the movie ended i said “man, i wish that had gone SLOWER. i couldn’t keep up.” the guy in front of me laughed because shit, it was the slowest moving movie i’ve seen in ages…and the worst part was, everyone who has half a brain knows from the moment the movie begins how it’s going to end. it was terribly frustrating and tedious and pointless, but i hated it less than death to smoochy. i’m still in a yucky mood, but i hope i’ll feel better after i sleep for a while.

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