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18 Apr 02

i’m john stamos

i’m sleeeeeepy. it was such a long afternoon/evening! but, allow me to start at the beginning.

i had issues waking up today for the first time this week for some reason, and i didn’t really do anything too productive all morning. robin found a comic construction set website, and that kept us far too occupied while pretending to be funnyish. for samples of my twisted mind, look here, here, here, here and here. i make no claim on their funniness (in fact i’d argue that only the first one is remotely amusing), but it gave me something to do this morning.

after a hard morning of making cartoons, i enlisted robin to go get a pita with me after his work shift and convinced steve to come along too (in a conversation that he immortalized here). on the way there we ran into blake who i hired to work for me this summer, so we had a regular pita posse, which was pretty cool.

after lunch i was in a meeting that lasted from 1:30-4:15. usually after a meeting like that i’m angry or upset or frustrated, but i left today’s feeling pretty good. we got a LOT of important stuff accomplished, mostly involving staffing plans for our new call centre (hours of operation, how our computer labs will be maintained and secured, how our second level support team will function, etc.) i’m not going to bore you with details but it really did go well. the only downside was that i was so drained and braindead when it was over.

when i got back to my office i discovered some homemade cookies on my desk from mitch’s housemate, which was SO unnecessary. her computer was broken earlier in the week so i told her to bring it in to our office and we’d look at it, and when we hooked it up it was working again. this actually happens to us quite a bit: moving the PC shakes whatever was loose back into place or whatever. so basically, cookies were a complete surprise. a nice surprise at that 🙂

then, i walked up to the car rental place and picked up sarah’s moving van for her, and, after some adventures parking it in her backyard parking lot thingy, i helped her move all her furniture and boxes down her narrow back staircase which was scary in itself. she doesnt have a whole lot of stuff so it didnt take TOO long, but it was super hot and i was pretty gross by the end. at around 6 or so sarah and i went to pick up her friend kristina from the bus station who she’ll be moving in with for a month or two in toronto, and kristina and her have driven the moving van to peterborough, where movers will be picking up her and her sister’s furniture to be shipped to vancouver. yes, i know it’s confusing.

and now, i’m at home, finally, watching the leaf game. as of this writing it’s not looking so good (1-0 islanders) but i still have hope.

man, that was a boring post with far too many details of my day, so i apologize. but don’t forget any – there will be a quiz later.

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    Kelly Says:

    The reason im him is because im just like him I have a motorcycle and I act just like him

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