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17 Apr 02

“you’re STILL whining about your job?”

so i says to mabel…

today was a mixed bag. i was going absolutely crazy this morning: broken printers on the other side of campus, pointless meetings about eating in computer labs, sitting around for an hour or so while someone tried to fix the network in a computer lab where exams were taking place, blahblahblah. it was annoying, but at least nothing tragic happened.

this afternoon also started off badly: i bought a greek salad for lunch that had a lot of brown lettuce in it, but i survived with that. but, when i bit into my jos louis (a usually yummy snack cake) i almost died. i let steve smell it and he agreed that there was something really wrong with it. i personally think someone poisoned it but i have no proof of that. unfortunately, i had nothing to wash the taste out of my mouth with so i was a bit on the displeased side. the best part was that i started to feel sick in the afternoon, but i’m not sure if that was a psychosomatic response to my potentially being poisoned or not. regardless, my 2.5 hour meeting was a bit rough as a result.

as for that meeting: our reorganization team met with our manager this afternoon to get a bunch of clarification. the reorg’s an enormous task (basically deciding how our university should support computing on campus) and our director seems intent on pulling the rug out from under us every few days. we seem to have the support of our manager and he confirmed a lot of staffing concerns we have, so at least we can move forward. may 1st is the day that this whole thing “goes live” (in summer mode anyway), so we need to make some progress before then. if youre still reading this paragraph, i commend your persistence. blahblahblah.

weather update: i thought we were in for another one of those pseudo-warm days today (i.e. when the weather monkeys predict a 90F day when we get a 60F day), and it was looking that way until late this afternoon until it turned gorgeous…definitely summeresque. my rollerblade home made me hot and yucky as a result, but i’m not complaining. when i got home i dozed off for 45 mins or so, and when i woke up all the sun was gone and it looked like it was gonna pour at any minute. i’ve been hoping for thunderstorms (there’s apparently a severe thunderstorm watch in effect) but so far no luck.

hockey playoffs started tonight! woo! i’m unfortunately stuck watching the sens game instead of the canucks, but i’ll make do.

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