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16 Apr 02

i wish i had a haircut that you could love

good news! i’m worth $2,110,190 according to humanforsale. ebay, here i come.

anyway, today was utter shit. i’m extremely dissatisfied with my job at the moment and i’m seriously considering some new programming jobs that cindy keeps telling me i should apply for. i can’t believe how many little pains in the ass keep cropping up. for example, remember annoying food and drink vigilante guy? yeah, well, he decided that my answer (our advisors are busy helping people and i don’t feel it’s necessary to patrol the labs on the look out for drinks) wasn’t good enough, so he went to my manager, and threatened to go to the director. christ. so, i get to have another meeting with my manager to discuss things that i really don’t want to spend time talking about.

beyond that, our discussions of how to reorganize our department have hit a bit of a snag, and i’m concerned at how my job’s gonna end up turning out. alas.

and, continuing with the weather report vein: there’s no way in hell it got anywhere near 26C today (i’m guessing 15C/~60F). i was super disappointed. the walk home was nice though. you’ll also note that our office cam is currently pointed outside to show off our fabulous new windows. for those of you unfamiliar with queen’s, the view is of the john deutsch university centre and, of late, many semi-clothed students. pay special note to the ass who seems to be out there all the time drinking coffee, wearing shorts and a visor. steve describes him as the class clown from highschool who hasn’t yet realized it’s not cool to be the class clown when you’re paying $600 to be in the class. and the best part is: i knew that just by looking at him.

oh. and i got a haircut. whee.

i was gonna post this entry right after work but i held off. i was in a worse mood then if you can imagine that 🙂

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