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16 Apr 02

fog is for chumps

i’m thinking the rollerblade gods are against me. when i went to bed i was psyched to blade in this morning in shorts (26C? that’s july weather!) but instead i awoke to the thickest fog i’ve seen in a long time. i looked out my window to see what other people were wearing, but i couldn’t SEE the ground. instead, i ventured out on my balcony in shorts only to discover that it’s freezing out (7C/~44F). soooooooooooo, rather than (a) getting run over by cars who couldnt see me and (b) freezing to death on the walk in, i wore jeans, a long sleeved shirt (over a t-shirt), and walked. quelle horreur!

as a side note, my blog appears to be morphing into a daily weather report. i guess that’s indicative of how interesting my life is.

currently spinning: the tragically hip – new orleans is sinking (killer whale tank version)

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    Jennifer Says:


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    Jane Says:

    Your site is hilarious!

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