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15 Apr 02

food and drinks are my mortal enemies

wow, today feels like it’s gone on forever. i was at work by about 8 this morning (earlier than normal) so i could submit my staff’s time sheets in time. i had a meeting scheduled for 9 to deal with that trivia competition issue (it went fine), so i had get there early to get everything done.

man, it was unbelievably foggy this morning. i didnt get to rollerblade because it was STILL raining a bit, but miraculously it warmed up and the sun came out just before i went home and turned gorgeous. i’m counting on tomorrow to be summery dammit.

the big news is that we finally finished interviewing people! i think we interviewed 40 people over the last couple weeks (20 hours or so in total, good lord) and we’ve picked the people we want for next year. i’m so glad it’s over – interviewing sucked up so much of my time it made it hard to do anything else.

another interesting part of my day involved a food and drink vigilante who’s been visiting some of my computer labs lately. he was around early in the term but vanished for a couple months, and returned with a vengence on friday. his thing: he absolutely hates it when people bring food or drinks into the computer labs. i mean, it’s true: people arent supposed to be drinking in the lab, but i’ve always been somewhat reluctant to get my staff to enforce the rule too strictly, mainly because i know some of them are a bit intimidated by having to be confrontational. i havent lost a computer, keyboard or mouse in a couple years because of something being spilled (although some of the keyboards and mice are a bit sticky) so i havent really thought it was worth it. but, this guy apparently does. he dragged a couple female staff members around in the last week pointing out people he saw with drinks and made them feel really awkward and was generally really loud and confrontational about things. he came by and saw robin today so he icqed me and i dropped by to have a chat with him. i got him to agree to not do that kind of thing anymore, so i hope he stands by that. what was really funny about the whole situation is this guy he’s harassed 3 times now named todd…today he told this guy he was going to report him to me so he wanted to know his last name. he said “uhh…page”. the vigilante asked if he was related to me and he claimed to be my brother. i thought that was hysterical so i went and had a chat with him too. his response: “i didn’t want to give that guy my real last name”. he has a good point.

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